21 Photos of Buddha Statues That Show Clever Creativity by the Photographers


Photographing statues in a way that makes the final image interesting can be very hard work. With a little thought, however, using interesting lighting, capturing them in the context of their surroundings or getting close to shoot the details can be very effective at making the final result more than just a snapshot. We think these photographs of Buddha statues go that extra distance in creativity and have come out with some great results. Share your own Buddha photographs in the comments!


Buddhist statues praising and making offerings to the Tian Tan Buddha, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China by rahuldlucca, on Flickr


Laughing Buddha by JasonDGreat, on Flickr


” src=”/images/emoticons/emoticon-smile.png”> by d.a.n.n.y.c <busy>, on Flickr


IMG_8676 by beggs, on Flickr


Statue of Buddha by d'n'c, on Flickr

Grayscale photo of buddha statue by Ben Yi
Buddha Statue by fania yang


Buddha by The Fayj, on Flickr


creation by Cåsbr, on Flickr


statue (#107) by j / f / photos, on Flickr


buddha by daz smith, on Flickr


Buddhist statue praising and making offerings to the Tian Tan Buddha, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, China. by rahuldlucca, on Flickr


Thai Buddha by zappowbang, on Flickr


Giant standing Buddhas of Bamiyan still cast shadows [Image 2 of 8] by DVIDSHUB, on Flickr


Talk to the Buddha palm ‘cos the face ain't listenin' by Ed-meister, on Flickr


Buddha statues at Hase-dera by aschaf, on Flickr


Wat Chaiwatthanaram and Moon by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker, on Flickr


Take my hand by QuinnDombrowski, on Flickr

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Nice. Here are some Buddhas made in Cambodia recently, because almost all of the large Buddha images were deliberately destroyed in the wars there in the 70’s and 80’s. One of these was photographed on the porch of a temple in Wat Damnak, Siem Reap, where it sat on the porch waiting to be moved inside, and I think, painted. It is made of a composition material. The wooden, Lanna-style Buddha is a master prototype used in the School of the Artisians (Siem Reap )where international donors pay for the excellent training given to the men and women who are repopulating Cambodia with Buddha images. I made the photos in July 2007.Buddha Prototype Horiz..jpgBuddha Wat Damnak.jpg

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