22 Clever and Interesting Photographs of Wall Murals and Street Art


While murals and street art are always a fun thing to photograph, getting good photos of the subject is a little harder than it seems at first. Often getting a clever context to the art helps in producing a compelling photo. We think the photos in this collection have done a pretty good job of photographing murals with some good results. Share your own in the comments!

Walk on by by Lachlan Hardy, on Flickr



Liberty by kamshots, on Flickr

Bicycle Race by Tony Fischer Photography, on Flickr

Urban nature by  Joris Louwes, on Flickr


Streets of Bristol by geezaweezer, on Flickr


Bob Marley mural on Haight street by Franco Folini, on Flickr


Takin' it to the BANK$Y by guano, on Flickr


Si lo dice Ernesto… by Libertinus, on Flickr


Stampede! by MSVG, on Flickr


Bradley Manning & Bidder #70 by Poster Boy NYC, on Flickr


Getting Started by davitydave, on Flickr


“We Who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest” by Tony Fischer Photography, on Flickr


Mural by Daquella manera, on Flickr


Yashagana on a wall – 3 by ZeHawk, on Flickr


I have a dream by Rob_Wood, on Flickr


Everybody wants to ride! by eva101, on Flickr


The Streets of Santiago, People seem Strange when you're a Stranger by geezaweezer, on Flickr


real and unreal (CC) by marfis75, on Flickr


banksy: balloon girl. Old Street London by Stew Dean, on Flickr


Shimokita Night #1 by Guwashi999, on Flickr


Lomo graffiti collision by srboisvert, on Flickr

Graffiti near Borough Market by dan taylor, on Flickr

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All I can say is “awww..” The murals are breathtaking. They just showed how good artists can be. I envy not having those kinds of murals near our home. I could really use them for photo opps whenever I get my camera.

Wow! the murals are breathtaking and the photographer has composed the picture very well to let the viewer have the full impact.

Banksy is amazing as always, but I was especially struck by the “Liberty” image as well as the “real and unreal”. But perhaps my favorite was the mish-mash next to the poster of Bradley Manning.

Ooops, trying to load the picture again. This one was taken last year by my brother. He didn’t spot the cross quite so clearly until he got home. It’s the graffiti tunnel at Sydney University.

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