22 Creative and Unique Photographs of Hallways


Famous photographer, Jim Richardson, once famously said “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.” While that piece of advice says a lot about subject selection, many photographers will know that it's not always possible. Furthermore, many take challenge from making the mundane beautiful. We think these photographers have done exactly that – taken a very boring subject like hallways and created amazing photographs. Post your own photographs of hallways in the comments and show us what you can do!

Inception[/url] by Ali Zeeshan Ijaz[/url], on Flickr
Haunted Hallway[/url] by ButterflySha[/url], on Flickr
Severalls – Blue Corridor[/url] by artwork_rebel[/url], on Flickr
Johnson Wax Building (1936)[/url] by ChicagoGeek[/url], on Flickr
Severalls – Cornered[/url] by artwork_rebel[/url], on Flickr
Milwaukee Art Museum[/url] by Katie Tegtmeyer[/url], on Flickr
Interior detail of Gaudi's Casa Batlló in Barcelona, Spain[/url] by o palsson[/url], on Flickr
Secrets…. Locked away…[/url] by Ev0luti0nary[/url], on Flickr
Clicking Heels[/url] by Alex E. Proimos[/url], on Flickr
1/2 Mile Hallway[/url] by Randy Son Of Robert[/url], on Flickr
Curvy hall[/url] by emdot[/url], on Flickr
Paris Palais de Versaille Hallway[/url] by tibchris[/url], on Flickr
5D (#39018)[/url] by mark sebastian[/url], on Flickr
Going upstairs[/url] by Valerie Everett[/url], on Flickr
DGJ_2349 – Angkor Wat Halls[/url] by archer10 (Dennis)[/url], on Flickr
Arches[/url] by Julien Harneis[/url], on Flickr
The Drill Instructor[/url] by Randy Son Of Robert[/url], on Flickr
Groningen, the Netherlands[/url] by Bert Kaufmann[/url], on Flickr
Skylights[/url] by o palsson[/url], on Flickr
Down to the End…..[/url] by Ev0luti0nary[/url], on Flickr
Hallway[/url] by sahlgoode[/url], on Flickr
National Cathedral I[/url] by Jason OX4[/url], on Flickr

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Who would have known hallways could have been so intriguing. The National Cathedral was my favorite. Neat.

The hallway in the Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia, is very special – as much for its window light as its compositional aspects and beautiful artworks.


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