22 Photos That Would Make Great Desktop Wallpapers


Desktop wallpapers are very personal, and as photographers we usually use stuff we've shot.  I've often found though that having someone's photo instead of my own on my wallpaper can not only change my mood for the better, but be inspiring.  Probably the reason I change my desktop wallpaper so frequently!  Here are 22 great photos to use for desktop wallpaper, covering a wide array of styles and subject matter.  Click the photo to get the high resolution, wallpaper ready version.

calm body of water
Image by travis blessing
landscape photo of forest
Image by Ray Bilcliff
landscape nature wilderness view
Image by Public Domain Pictures
light sea dawn landscape
Image by Pixabay
background beautiful blossom calm waters
Image by Pixabay
tree meadow fog foggy
Image by Pixabay
green grass field under white clouds
Image by Scott Webb
nature animal fog freedom
Image by Pixabay
alps beautiful blue cold
Image by Krivec Ales
grass covered hill
Image by eberhard grossgasteiger
tree silhouette
Image by Johannes Plenio
reflection of trees on water
Image by Quang Nguyen Vinh
aurora borealis
Image by Frans Van Heerden
northern lights
Image by stein egil liland
photo of trees and mountain
Image by Brandon Montrone
Image by Anand Dandekar
purple flower bud in macro photography
Image by Anna
selective focus photo of white brimstone butterfly on white
Image by Jan Koetsier
snow capped mountain under blue sky
Image by Brett Sayles
green trees
Image by Fabien Burgue
red betta fish
Image by Chevanon Photography
light landscape nature red
Image by Paul IJsendoorn

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