23 Fantastic and Colourful Photographs of Snakes


While snakes can often present a great opportunity for getting a great and colourful photograph, the downside is that we usually don't want to get too close! These photographers overcame that fear and really showed us what can be done with a little bravery and photographic skill!

person holding red and black snake
Image by Pixabay
yellow animal dangerous head
Image by Pixabay
nature australia reptile snake
Image by mark broadhurst
animal snake reptile closeup
Image by Donald Tong
brown python
Image by Pixabay
brown and white snake
Image by Pixabay
green snake
Image by Pixabay
beige python on brown branch of tree
Image by WorldSpectrum
photo of a snake
Image by Jan Kopřiva
photo of snake on ground
Image by Alësha Lamkinson
snake toxic terrarium
Image by Pixabay
photo of snake
Image by Jan Kopřiva
nature animal reptile snake
Image by Pixabay
animal zoo green snake
Image by Pixabay
brown reticulated python
Image by Tomáš Malík
shallow focus photography of brown snake in green jar
Image by Egor Kamelev
green and white snake on branch
Image by Stephen Joel
green viper
Image by Diego Madrigal
animal biology blur close up
Image by Will
amphibian animal biology blur
Image by Jonathan Meyer
wild snake
Image by Pravin Bagde

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A “deadly” collection of hissing beauties. I could listen it. Colours?, yes I was pale with fear.

Are these REALLY taken coming close enough to the snakes? I do not think that is a great approach here unless one is an expert snake handler. My humble request is please stop glamorising this “coming close to take photograph” approach. Novices can get challenged at this suggestion and may not live to see that great photo they took! Sad but true and I do not want that to happen to ANYBODY.

Though I said what moved me I congratulate these photographers for their bravery and skills demonstrated here.

The best one I liked is the Green Tree Python by Nasmac. What a mean look! If Look can kill then this is it. The pose is perfect.

Thanks and best regards.

Snakes may be snippy,but they sure are
snappy looking! Impressed – the designer deserves great credit for the beauty of the work!

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