23 Images That Make Forests Look Magical

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Of all the landscape photography, shots of and within forests seem to be almost forgotten about, or at least take a back seat to other more desirable landscape photography.  There are a few key elements to make a magical forest shot, as seen in these 23 great images below.

  • Sunrise / sunset
  • shooting into the rising / setting sun
  • Fog
  • Wide angle lens
  • Different seasons
  • Silhouettes

Most all photos below include at least two of each of these elements, some more, to make magical photos.  Keep in mind, shooting within a forest is much darker then outside, so take along a tripod to make sure your shots are sharp and you have a stable shooting platform.

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Magical Forest

Photo by Etolane

Magical Forest

Photo by chiaralily

Forest on a foggy winter day

Photo by follc

Foggy Forest

Photo by k-girl

to the light

Photo by alicepopkorn

~ Beautifully Dead ~

Photo by ViaMoi

frozen light in a snow weekend, MANZANEDA ?

Photo by Paulo Brandão

Vampire Season

Photo by Annadriel

Magic! between the trees

Photo by fatboyke (Luc)

A walk into the bamboo paths

Photo by El Fotopakismo

Fageda d'en Jordà

Photo by MorBCN


Photo by Nicholas_T

Buderim Falls - Sunshine Coast

Photo Garry – www.visionandimaginatio n.com

Deep Thoughts and Work Comps

Photo by “CAVE CANEM”

Godolphin Woods, Cornwall

Photo by midlander1231


Photo by frielp

Eternal Silence

Photo by Garry – www.visionandimaginatio n.com

Photo by ?

Light Walk in October

Photo by h.koppdelaney

Misty Days

Photo by lensbug.chandru


Photo by D.Reichardt

foggy forest 2

Photo by kimdokhac

Natural Night Light Beams

Photo by ViaMoi

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