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27 Incredible Bokeh Photographs

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Bokeh is not so much a term in photography you'd use similarly to shallow depth of field, rather bokeh describes the quality of the out of focus area of a photograph taken with a shallow depth of field, sometimes often referred to as shooting wide open.  The Bokeh of any shot is directly attributed to the type and quality of lens, maximum aperture it can open up to and the total number of blades that make up the diaphragm.  The quality of the bokeh in any shot can help create distance and separation between the subject and the background or it can add to the overall quality of the image or, can take center stage and be the photograph.

hbw | happy (custom) bokeh wednesday

Photo by Adam Foster | Codefor

textured bokeh 2

Photo by Will Montague

Day 133/365 : Catching the bokeh

Photo by ~jjjohn~

Bokeh Kiss

Photo by Kevin Eddy

Some Kid and Mr. Bokeh

Photo by anton khoff

American Flag Bokeh

Photo by Mubina H

daisy and the bokehs

Photo by Will Montague

Have a Very Bokeh Christmas

Photo by Brandon Christopher Warren

Dance When No One's Watching - Bokeh + Silhouette

Photo by vramak

Cast your bokeh to the wind

Photo by James Jordan

Bokeh Shot

Photo by Anders Adermark

Heart bokeh 2

Photo by Lee Ann L.

Day 351/365 - Photographobia

Photo by Tiagø Ribeiro

Day 28/365 : The unspoken words are little treasures and they lie too close to wherever your secret heart is buried...

Photo by ~jjjohn~


Photo by Jeff Kubina

In My Place

Photo by just.Luc

Looking North at Sunrise

Photo by ecstaticist

[52-365] Bokeh

Photo by Beatriz AG

Arm Smoke on Fire { esplora #266 }

Photo by KalerBlind { Im Back for Sexy No JutSu }

Day 20/365 : The unseen great little world

Photo by ~jjjohn~


Photo by Benj Haisch

Stand up and walk

Photo by (davide)

Photo by Jason Tavares

Night Lights

Photo by Astig!!


Photo by streetpreacher83

bright lights, big city

Photo by dermot_reeve

031/365: 60 second walk

Photo by dotbenjamin

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