27 Photos That Break All the Composition Rules but Still Rock

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I’m sorry to have to say this, but you’re going to have to explain to me how 90% of these “Break All The Composition Rules”. There are about 3 that break the “Rules of Composition” in my opinion, but by and large these are good examples of EFFECTIVE use of the rules of composition like the Rule of 3rds, Lines, Pattern, etc. Many of these seem to just be interesting angles and juxtapositions, but almost NONE of them “Break The Rules”.

While you may be right about the rule of thirds, there are other unusual composition in the photos that is a tad unusual, like shooting from way below or high above.

Most composition tutorials (or photographers for that matter) will tell you to shoot from unusual perspectives in order to make a photograph interesting. That has nothing to do with breaking rules at all.

I would enjoy seeing your comments for each individual photograph. I was expecting to learn from this, but became confused as I could clearly see the rules of composition in place.

Please tell us what rules are being broken. Just showing the pictures, as good as they are, really tells us nothing. If you are trying to teach us something, you’ll need to provide some actual information.


I agree with Mike Wilson and SirCake. It would be great if you could explain what rules are being broken. And, I think these “rules” are only guidelines and don’t have to be followed. I found that most of the pics are awesome!

Article should have been titled, “How to Creatively bend the Rule of Thirds.” That is what most of these images did. They didn’t, for the most part, “break” any rules–at least the rules I’ve been taught. They do rock. Some really good ideas.

I kept scrolling with the expectation that the next one may break any rules.. all snaps are good .. no offense.. but none breaks “All” composition rules

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