27 Powerful Street and City Scenes in Black and White

Heading out with a camera in the city can be a heap of fun. Street scenes and architecture can produce some great scenes for photographers and when you shoot with black and white in mind, the results can be very powerful. We think these shots show what we mean. Share your own in the comments!

|||||||| [Explored] by 85mm.ch, on Flickr

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Liège / Luik / Lüttich (Explore Frontpage) by Bert Kaufmann, on Flickr

89 [urban pyramid] by eblaser, on Flickr

Hancock Honeycomb by rseidel3, on Flickr

Three… by 85mm.ch, on Flickr

Double Duty by Ian Sane, on Flickr

Caught in the Act by *saxon*, on Flickr

In the Shadow by [Naro], on Flickr

winterscape #1 by mugley, on Flickr

Rainy Rush Hour by Ding Yuin Shan, on Flickr

Brooklyn Bridge by Cyril Abad, on Flickr

Spy vs Spy. by digitalpimp., on Flickr

HDR Hiroshima City by Imahinasyon Photography, on Flickr

the hardware salesman by mugley, on Flickr

Hiroshima City by Imahinasyon Photography, on Flickr

Marina City by vonderauvisuals, on Flickr

CN by striatic, on Flickr

Where To Now by NCSphotography, on Flickr

so far from home by mugley, on Flickr

IMG_5648 by drivebysh00ter, on Flickr

rainy season by Robert S. Donovan, on Flickr

Pitch man, Canal St. by Ryan Vaarsi, on Flickr

Pedestrian Safety by A. Strakey, on Flickr

Woven by Earl-Wilkerson, on Flickr

"City donkeys" by downhilldom1984, on Flickr

Photo Accident by Thomas R. Stegelmann, on Flickr

Photo Accident by Thomas R. Stegelmann, on Flickr

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