27 Powerful Street and City Scenes in Black and White


Heading out with a camera in the city can be a heap of fun. Street scenes and architecture can produce some great scenes for photographers and when you shoot with black and white in mind, the results can be very powerful. We think these shots show what we mean. Share your own in the comments!

Photo by Matt Popovich
Photo by Roman Kraft
Photo by Khachik Simonian
Photo by Elisabetta Foco
Photo by Monica Grutzmann
Photo by Frak Lopez
Photo by Kate Ausburn
Photo by JC Gellidon
Photo by Kevin Hou
Photo by Louis Pellissier
Photo by Changyu Hu
Photo by Qusai Akoud
Photo by Caleb George
Photo by Sid Balachandran
Photo by Sean Driscoll
Photo by Mark Asthoff
Photo by Denis Umpleby
Photo by Steven Wei
Photo by Grzegorz Mleczek
Photo by Pavel Roev
Photo by Bagus Ghufron
Photo by Kirill Sharkovski
Photo by Jay Wennington
Photo by Ian Simmonds
Photo by Hector Falcon
Photo by Camila Camacho

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Nice selection of urban images. Just completed a semester, “Urban Landscape.” Most of the better images in class were in black and white.

Here’s one:

ps love lightstalking

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