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27 Stunning and Creative Photographs of Water

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At many points as a photographer, you are going to want to manipulate an object to get a better photograph. Many times, our thoughts will turn towards water as something that we can use to that end. These photographers have cleverly used water as part of their compositions. Check out some more cool collections in the links at the end and share your own water photographs in the comments!

Winter waves by dicktay2000, on Flickr
When Water Drops Collide by laszlo-photo, on Flickr
Habanero splash by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr
quarter past 5 by Debasis ~~, on Flickr
Autumn leaves at the top of the weir by Steve-h, on Flickr
Bokeh-licious by VinothChandar, on Flickr
espejo by A6U571N, on Flickr
Oceanic by Έλενα Λαγαρία, on Flickr
Blue mists at Snoqualmie Falls by joiseyshowaa, on Flickr
Viv goes surfing! by kevin dooley, on Flickr
Pink drops by aussiegall, on Flickr
H2O by Luz Adriana Villa A., on Flickr
Twitter 365 Project – Day 71 by rich115, on Flickr
another reason by notsogoodphotography, on Flickr
Ethereal blue bubble trip {Explored} by Kerekes János Csongor, on Flickr
A moment in time by blinkingidiot, on Flickr
Mijocama by Phil Grondin, on Flickr
hidden colors by spettacolopuro, on Flickr
Freshwater lakes by kevin dooley, on Flickr
Riffelsee by Jeff Pang, on Flickr
Diana's sunset by kevin dooley, on Flickr
Bangladesh by Orangeadnan, on Flickr
International season´s week – semana internacional de las estaciones. Colombian Fall – otoño colombiano by Luz Adriana Villa A., on Flickr
Dynamic Serenity by papalars, on Flickr
dew on web by photophilde, on Flickr
Planeta tierra by @Cristianhold, on Flickr
Reflections by kevin dooley, on Flickr

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