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As another week passes us by Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching the internet for links to the best tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone.  This week's list features a wide variety of topics and images, created by some of the best artists working in the field today.  We truly hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

Photo by João Lavinha


How To Shoot Motorcycles Using Only One Speedlight – this tutorial takes us through the intricate steps of lighting, shooting and processing a great shot of a motorcycle using just one speedlight.  The details of each step are covered, featuring screenshots and single frames from the light painting session, and showing you how it all comes together in a great picture.

6 Black and White Photography Tips for Monochrome Enthusiasts – this is a great list of tips and tricks to use to get the desired results from monochrome imagery.  Each of the tips covered has an image to illustrate the key point, adding to the overall topic being discussed and making for a great tutorial well worth the time to read.

Better Pictures Through Words: The Lost Art of Photo Field Notes – as photography changes to suit the modern world we live in, so do practices.  In this article, the writer goes into great detail to discuss the importance and merits of keeping good notes while shooting in the field.

Tutorial: How to Batch Process Your RAW Time-Lapse Photography – this great tutorial is presented in a video format and is only a little over 5 minutes in length.  It presents a great primer to get you out there capturing and creating great time lapse pieces in a very easy to follow manner, making the application of these techniques a breeze.

Special Features

Footprints In The Snow – this special feature is presented by us here at Toad Hollow Photography, featuring what has become my artistic muse over the years, the Old Stone Butter Church.  This long abandoned church was built in the late 1800’s and only saw service for around 10 years before it was replaced.  Today it’s shell stands as a sentry high atop Comiaken Hill in the Cowichan Valley and presents a striking subject to photograph.

A Day In The Life Of Photographer & Digital Artist Adrian Sommeling – the photographs shared in this great in-depth post are all awesome.  Really awesome.  500px joins photographer Adrian Sommeling on a “day in the life of” feature that shows you a behind-the-scenes look at a typical day for someone who is very successful in the field.  The anecdotal timeline that accompanies the mind-bending images he produces gives us all a peek into a dream life.

Abandoned monuments in the world – this is a comprehensive and fantastic collection of photographs featuring a wide variety of locations in the world with primarily forgotten structures and monuments.  Each picture reveals a unique story, one that is haunting and eerie, and divulges a glimpse into the power of nature as it goes about reclaiming what once belonged to the earth.

The Elephants of Tarangire National Park, Tanzania – traveling photographer Anne McKinnell brings us along on a wonderful journey of discovery.  She visits the arid Tarangire National Park where she encounters a series of elephants in their natural habitats, and she comes away with a great set of shots that feature these incredible creatures going about their daily lives.

Photo by Nicolas DECOOPMAN

Great Photography

Please Take Your Seat – abandoned Pittsburgh – Michael Criswell takes us inside what appears to be a long abandoned school where we get to see the effects of time and decay on an auditorium.  This piece features incredible details and textures, revealing a strong sense of artistic tension as we find beauty in the weathered and strive to understand the stories of those who were once active in this space.

Will Call – Brad Truxell gives us a different perspective of the same abandoned school in the link above, this time revealing a look into a hallway that is severely decayed.  The little natural light that streams in from the boarded and dirty windows highlights the deep contrasts found in a scene that holds many questions within it’s dark shadows.

Suuçtu şelalesi / türkey – a vibrant autumn scene is presented here by photographer selçuk hot, featuring a still lake full of colorful leaves.  A gentle waterfall graces the frame in the distance, and the entire scene is surrounded by the wonderful tones and colors of a fall’s day.

Winters show – a winter’s sunset is captured and shared here by Barry Turner.  The absolutely incredible colors in the evening sky accent the wonderful silhouettes from the features of the surrounding landscape, delivering a piece full of natural drama.

Ghosts Live Here – Len Saltiel finds a terrific old wood cabin sitting under the watchful gaze of the Colorado mountains and captures a stunning photograph of the scene.  The beautiful colors in the fall trees adds a vibrant touch to the bucolic scene, leaving the viewer wondering about the tiny cabin’s story and the folks who once enjoyed it.

Wheels – this is a quintessentially nostalgic piece from the studio of Jake Olson who specializes in this style of imagery.  A dusty and winding country road forms the perfect backdrop for a classic car to travel down, all alone and without another soul in sight, and Jake’s processing style brings out the natural nostalgia in a scene that looks like it came from a time 50 years ago.

receding lines – the lines and natural geometry of the Peace Bridge in Calgary, Alberta graces our screens in this awesome shot from Frank King.  The red supports that comprise the main skeleton of the bridge work together with the terrific natural vanishing point that Frank captured in his perfect composition.

Sometimes it happens – a beautiful sunset plays against the gorgeous snow-peaked mountains and incredible landscape creating a perfect scene for photographer Moreno Geremetta.  This breathtaking piece is capped off with a stunning mirror-like reflection of the entire scene, casting a picture that is sure to get you packing your bags to head there yourself.

Frosty Barn Sunrise – Jim Denham delivers a wonderful farm shot featuring a rickety barn sitting in a frosty field as the warm rays of the winter sun make their appearance to welcome in a new day.  The rich and natural character of a barn that has lived a storied life is accented here by the warm tones of the morning sun, making for a breathtaking shot.

Photo by d26b73

Venice on Fire – the incredible and old buildings in Venice come to life as the light of day fades into the distance, highlighting key features and elements of a city full of canals and waterways.  Michael Wilkinson’s shot also showcases an incredible sunset, which compliments the surroundings perfectly in creating a scene that is a pure joy to view.

Return to Rosewall Creek – Dave Ingram applies a ND filter to this session to achieve very long exposure times, highlighting the natural beauty and dynamism of the Vancouver Island landscape in the heart of winter.  Dave focuses on a fast moving body of water and a series of falls that it travels across, delivering a set of photographs that are as fascinating as they are breathtaking.

Hive Mind at St Olave's Priory – Art Hakker Photography captures and delivers a striking monochromatic piece that appears to have been shot with a fisheye lens to grab the entire scale of the space and accent the wonderful architectural lines that are evident here.  The black-and-white processing applied to this piece highlights the terrific textures found in the old materials that still stand today.

Red Hall – this photograph presents a stunning and breathtaking fall scene, captured by Azul Obscura in Japan.  In this scene we overlook a still body of water that showcases a terrific reflection, featuring an architecturally wonderful building with a wooden footbridge leading to it surrounded by beautifully colored maple trees.

born in a barn . . . – ƊƦคƓ๏ƝŦlץƊгєคɱʂ88 captures a great shot of an old wood barn under a dynamic sky to highlight the natural drama and intrigue of this classic structure.  The portrait format this shot is delivered in adds context to the scene, finishing it off perfectly.

Najac: Beautiful French Castle Village – this shot features the remains of an old stone castle framed by the old buildings of the town that it overlooks.  Incredible character in both the castle itself and the surroundings homes converge in this shot to create a perfect representation of old Europe in a single frame.

Cold morning – the frigid Norwegian winters come to life in this incredible photograph from the studio of inigo cia.  A soft landscape covered in snow reveals a terrific cluster of red buildings sitting on piers offshore while the grandeur of epic mountain ranges add drama to the scene in the backdrop.

Petrified Trees, Dead Vlei, Namibia – an alien looking landscape is revealed in this terrific composition by Mark Paulson.  Mark explores the sand dunes of Africa in this post and comes away with this great shot of the skeletons of dead trees amidst a sea of sand.

sweet clarity of winter – Diane Schuller shares a set of photographs primarily featuring snowy landscapes from a previous area she lived in.  These beautiful winter themed photographs capture and share the very best of snowy landscapes, leaving you wanting to spend a quiet afternoon walking the snow-covered paths and breathing in the fresh crisp air.

Christmastime in New York – as the holiday season quickly approaches, we find a new post on Jimi Jones’ blog that features the beautifully lit city street scenes of New York.  The colorful lights of the city at this time of year highlight the feel of the season, and Jimi’s shots are perfect representations of this.

Sin City
Photo by Transformer18

Interesting Blogs

Panda Triplets Are Reunited With Mother Juxiao at Safari Park in China – NBC News shares a few photographs of a rare Panda in captivity as it is reunited with it’s triplets.  These heart-warming photos reveal glimpses into the lives of these wonderful creatures, and shows the power of an image to convey deep feelings, even across species boundaries.

Photographer Jesse Frohman On One of Kurt Cobain’s Last Photoshoots – this is an utterly fascinating read, taking us behind the scenes and into the mindset and challenges that Jesse Frohman encountered while trying to capture fleeting moments of Kurt Cobain late in his life.  The article includes a small selection of the photographs from the session, adding great context and depth to the interview.

Revisiting the Case of the Wedding Photographer Threatened with a $300,000 Lawsuit – this is a very interesting article detailing the experience of one wedding photography who found himself at the wrong end of a lens working for litigation-happy clients.  The article itself is rather entertaining in the way it was written, and gives us an inside look at why contracts for events of this type are so very critical.

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