30 Beautiful Photos for Some Winter Inspiration


It's been a long while since we did a photo collection on Light Stalking and that's why we decided to put together this collection of wonderful and inspiring winter photographs. Getting out and shooting in the cold isn't the easiest thing in the world – your gear can struggle and so can your body, but it's often very worthwhile if you use a bit of imagination to compose your shots. These are some great examples of folks who did the hard yards and found interesting subjects in a harsh environment.

Don't forget to check out the links to some very relevant tutorials at the end of the post if you'd like some information on how to take similar photographs.

photo: nelly volkovich photo: nelly volkovich

photo: michail prohorov photo: michail prohorov

photo: pedro lastra photo: pedro lastra

photo: nomao saeki photo: nomao saeki

photo: jon flobrant photo: jon flobrant

photo: david creixell mediante photo: david creixell mediante

photo: emma hall photo: emma hall

photo: colby thomas photo: colby thomas

photo: sushipingdanist photo: sushipingdanist

photo: ravi pinisetti photo: ravi pinisetti

photo: kalen emsley photo: kalen emsley

photo: ray hennessy photo: ray hennessy

photo: pietro de grandi photo: pietro de grandi

photo: ray hennessy photo: ray hennessy

photo: cristina munteanu photo: cristina munteanu

photo: piotr siemek photo: piotr siemek

photo: sweet ice cream photography photo: sweet ice cream photography

photo: paul itkin photo: paul itkin

photo: miro alt photo: miro alt

photo: mike lewinski photo: mike lewinski

photo: magdalena roeseler photo: magdalena roeseler

photo: jeremy goldberg photo: jeremy goldberg

photo: dominik dombrowski photo: dominik dombrowski

photo: averie woodard photo: averie woodard

photo: alberto restifo photo: alberto restifo

photo: caitlin wynne photo: caitlin wynne

photo: james padolsey photo: james padolsey

photo: todd diemer photo: todd diemer

photo: ray hennessy photo: ray hennessy

photo: aaron burden photo: aaron burden

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