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Another week rolls past us in the world of photography and we find Toad Hollow Photography searching the internet high and low for links to the best resources to share here with everyone.  This weeks list features a great set of links to tutorials, special features and great photography to enjoy.  We really hope you like seeing the works of some of the finest talents working in the field today, as brought to you by the Toad himself.


5 Tips to Capture Beautiful Candid Wedding Photos – this is a brief and terrific video presentation that gives us some tips and tricks on capturing candid shots during a wedding.  These common sense concepts are very powerful, as is evidenced by the resulting photographs captured and shared in the video.

Understanding How to Control Light With Grids – this is a fabulous video tutorial, just over 8 minutes in length, that takes us through the application of grids with strobes for incredible results.  In this case, a shoot intended to capture a nostalgic old gangster feel is perfectly staged and shot, and we get the benefits of watching the entire shoot unfold from behind the scenes.

Stealth Mode: How to Take Wedding Pictures Like a Reportage Photographer – another terrific article full of fabulous tips and tricks on how to capture the best pictures possible during one of the most important days of someone’s life.  The dynamic nature of weddings poses extra challenges that don’t normally occur in other forms of photography, and being aware of these issues and having a plan in place is paramount to achieving the goals of the day in terms of the documentation process.

Constant Lighting vs Strobes: Which is Better? – this question seems to come up quite often, and this article strives to cover the basics on the topic in a quick and easy-to-read format.  Each type has it’s own set of pros and cons, as covered in this short piece, making this a perfect quick primer on the subject.

Special Features

23 Gorgeous Aerial Photographs to Help Put Things in Perspective – the age old adage “perspective is everything” comes into direct focus in this post hosted by the folks who run the popular photography site 500px.  This set of photographs are created by a various group of photographers participating on the site, and they really do represent some stunning images.

What a shot! 37 amazing sports photos – the serendipity found in perfect timing comes to our monitors and screens in this feature presentation that shares a selection of absolutely stunning sport themed images.  This is an amazing collection that visually shows the amazement of sports in action, captured in a fleeting second and then gone forever.

Alaska From Above: Heath Bennett Explores Juneau From a Helicopter – this is a wonderful feature, showcasing a set of incredible photographs captured from a helicopter as it tours high overhead in Alaska.  Being able to see this incredible place from this perspective is a special thing, and the accompanying story to the images adds great depth to the piece.

Splish Splash
Photo by Don Miller

Great Photography

88 Keys – an absolutely haunting piece posted by Michael Criswell showcases an old and forgotten piano left behind in an abandoned school.  The light coming in from the outside drapes the decaying remains of the instrument that once sang it’s song inside a facility that was full of life.

Play Me A Song – in keeping with the theme of abandoned pianos, Brad Truxell captures and shares a picture of an abandoned and long-forgotten piano from another Urbex location.  Brad’s shot is full of rich artistic tension as we try to see into the past to learn about the people that once tickled the ivories to let it’s beautiful music escape down the halls of this forlorn place.

Cell Block – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – the fan of vanishing points in photography will fall in love with this photograph that features a great perspective of inside one of United States’ most famous locations, the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.  Len Saltiel does a great job in both his composition and processing to accent the raw drama and inherent artistic tension in this shot.

Winter moment – the magical scenery of Lake Bled on New Years morning graces our screens in this utterly breathtaking piece from the studio of Uroš Demšar.  The frigid mountains in the backdrop add wonderful drama to a picture anchored by the ages old architecture of the world-famous monastery sitting on the island in the middle of the lake.

Rockbridge Grist Mill – Mark Summerfield captures and carefully processes a vintage scene featuring an historic grist mill that once formed the heart of a growing and burgeoning community.  Today it finds itself converted into a restaurant with an unparalleled view, and Mark’s wonderful photograph captures the pure essence of it to share and be enjoyed by all.

Fiber optic bokeh
Photo by Groman123

Trail of fire *** – fiery light trails form perfect leading lines to guide the viewer through and into this frame on a voyage of discovery.  Dusko Sevo captures a great shot here featuring a tiny town atop a snow covered mountain, surrounded by nature and the blue skies high above.

Behind the Falls – Bob Israel captures a stunning shot in this photograph that features what appears to be a frozen waterfall.  Bob’s composition takes a vantage point of behind the falls to capture this piece, accenting natural lines and colors to deliver an abstract piece that is simply stunning to view.

Stuben – a snow-covered mountain pass comes to life as fast moving cars leave light trails behind to guide the viewer through the frame in this wonderful shot by MatEngel.  As you follow the lines into the picture here, you will find glorious and majestic mountains in the distance, delivering a rugged element to a truly mesmerizing photograph.

Lilies – this is a vibrant photograph, captured and shared here by Barbara Youngleson, featuring a beautiful flower that is shot and processed using an impressionist style.  This great picture ends up resembling a lovely painting, showcasing the versatility and depth of options that are available to the photographer during post-processing.

Blue Lagoon – a lagoon so blue it redefines the color itself is presented in this wonderful photograph by Garðar Ólafsson.  The frigid landscape of Iceland forms a perfect backdrop for this image that also features the bright lights of a city in the distance on the horizon, bringing a sense of joy and hope into the picture itself.

Seattle @ Night – David Williams captures a wonderful and ethereal shot of the cityscape of Seattle at night.  Wonderful details in the city’s architecture play against the blue ferris wheel in the distance to cast a scene that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone who visits.

SHORT-EARED OWL!– Tsutomu Adachi captures a wonderful front facing portrait of a beautiful Short Eared Owl in flight.  The natural light captured in this shot really accents the wonderful character of this majestic and graceful bird as it soars.

His Craft – this wonderful set of 4 black-and-white photographs features a glass artist at work.  Lisa Gordon captures these shots during various times as the artist goes about the process of creating, delivering a short set of photojournalistic style shots.

Urban Candy – Karim Nafatni exploits a high vantage point to capture and create a piece that showcases both incredible details in dramatic architecture, coupled with the soft feel of a drifting fog that covers the bright city below.  The city of Dubai is explored in this piece that leaves just as much to the imagination as it exposes.

Château de Corton André – this dramatic set of monochrome shots is captured and shared here by Mathias Lucas, featuring an incredible French Château draped in a wonderful layer of fog.  The ethereal feel and mood captured here by Mathias works in perfect harmony with the subject to deliver a very special set of images.

Photo by Thomas

Northern lights over plane wreckage – this shot is a great example of blending natural light phenomena with artificial lighting to create a truly stunning piece.  The wreckage of a plane lies prone on the snow-covered landscape as the vibrant colors of the Aurora Borealis drape the skies in this amazing photograph by Suranga Weeratunga.

Softer side of Winter – this is a lovely winter landscape scene, as found and captured by Rob Nopola, that showcases the gorgeous environs of the area as well as soft and beautiful colors in the sky.  This peaceful image portrays the best of winter’s artwork, and Rob does a wonderful job of capturing it to share.

Todays Sunset ! – this picture features an amazing cloud formation hanging over a cityscape as the sun sets, casting incredible colors on the clouds and adding a strong element of drama and intrigue.  Jan Geerk does a great job in composing and processing this shot that must have only been evident for a split-second.

King Penguin – this is an absolutely stunning, stunning portrait of this wonderful bird, as captured here by Ron Niebrugge.  Terrific details in the close-up of the penguin jumps out of our monitors and screens as we get a glimpse into the spirit and personality of a bird not many of us get a chance to witness in person.

Welcome to nowhere…… – for the fans of light, shapes and geometry, this picture will be a source of wonder to you.  Marc Fan captures a great piece here in a tunnel in China, creating a perfect set of repeating lines, all culminating in an exquisite vanishing point for a dash of raw drama.

Lazy Hay Bales – there is something intrinsically alluring to the photographer about hay bales in a field.  In this case Tim Stanley finds a brief window of opportunity to capture this shot during the season they are evident, and in this shot he also manages to time the capture to include wonderful drama and color in the sky as an added element.

Praise the Light! – this shot is absolutely full of raw artistic tension, finding Urban Vagabond in a setting of what appears to be an old and long forgotten sanctuary.  Light beams streaming in from the window above the altar creates a perfect spot for a proverbial selfie, one that leaves us all craving for more.

Colorful Graze – Wilson Mesa – we wrap up this weeks list of links with this beautiful and serene piece from the studio of Rick Louie.  The vibrant colors of fall grace the trees of the surroundings as a horse comes out to graze in the pasture below, delivering a wonderful natural, bucolic scene that exhibits the best of the outdoors.

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