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This week's list of photography links features a wide variety of topics and sources.  Toad Hollow Photography has been busy over the holidays searching all over the internet for this list of links to tutorials, special features, collections, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone.  We really hope you enjoy these images and articles as much as the Toad did himself in curating this list to share here.


15 Tips for Better Photos in 2015 – Jim Nix delivers a terrific post sharing some great tips and tricks for how to take better photographs.  Jim writes this article in a light-hearted tone, making this a fun and easy piece to read and enjoy.

Another Useful Lightroom Feature You Probably Did Not Know Existed – Lightroom appears to be one of those pieces of software that is as simple to use or as complex as you need it to be.  In this brief video tutorial we get introduced into a feature in Lightroom that roughly balances the exposure of a selected set of images you are processing with a key image you have identified.

Life Before Photoshop: Caddy Collection – Joe Baraban shares some terrific insights into a photograph he created and captured, discussing the time of day, the compositional elements and the way the scene was staged.  The resulting image is a shot that features a classic collection of Cadillacs parked in front of a manor shot late in the afternoon.

Three Ways To Photograph A Perfect Watch – this very in-depth article takes you through the entire process of great product photography, in this case shooting a pair of striking men’s watches.  Every key aspect of the shoot and processing is covered, including sample photographs and screenshots of the work as it is being done.

Special Features

Costa Rica – Day Two – Tree frogs and more from La Paz – this extensive set of photographs from Jeff Cable features some of the wildlife found in Costa Rica.  Jeff captures and shares some truly stunning shots featuring tiny frogs, butterflies and a hovering hummingbird.

Before Photography – Photographic Processes Series – Chapter 1 of 12 – this is a truly wonderful video presentation hosted on YouTube that takes us through the history, the people and the processes created that eventually led to the contemporary form of photography we enjoy today.  This 12 part video series is created and hosted by George Eastman House and is pretty much guaranteed to entrance you as you go through the videos one-by-one learning and discovering the stories of those who brought us here today.


30+ Awesome Examples of Tilt Shift Photography – this is a very interesting collection of photographs captured using a tilt/shift lens.  The effects of applying this lens to conventional scenes can produce a miniature effect that is quite striking.  This set of images features a sampling of some great shots.

San Francisco Bay Bridge
Photo by Rex Boggs

Great Photography

Vanishing point – one of my favorite photography techniques is to capture a dramatic vanishing point, as Christopher Wray has done in this terrific shot.  Christopher visits a lonely stretch of highway in the middle of the night to capture this stunning piece that features great artistic tension in his vanishing point as well as the beauty of the Milky Way in the sky above.

Soft Circles – Tim Stanley captures and shares a beautiful shot of a bunch of soft pink roses.  The beautiful colors, shapes and shadows created by these natural wonders are perfectly composed to deliver a shot that is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face who visits and views the photograph.

This Baobab Tree is One Thousand Years Old (give or take) – Anne McKinnell shoots a tree on her African expedition that is as old as the ages themselves.  Anne uses HDR to capture the full realm of dynamic range in the scene, creating a stunning portrait of one of earth’s oldest living souls.

Hong Kong Light Trails – Jimmy Mcintyre captures and creates a very dramatic night shot showcasing the dynamic nature of this great city at night.  Jimmy uses very advanced processing techniques to fully create and express the image, all of which converge together in the finished piece to share a wonderful picture that looks natural and artistic at the same time.

What a Drive – this gorgeous panorama piece is shared here by Len Saltiel who risked life and limb on a treacherous stretch of road to photograph this scene.  The wide format of the picture highlights the scale of the setting, revealing wonderful details in a dramatic landscape.

Fairy Bonsai – this is a wonderful and detailed photograph of one of Vancouver Island’s most well-known secrets for photography fans.  A little Hemlock tree grows out of the remains of a trunk in the middle of Fairy Lake, posing like the famous Bonsai tree and casting a scene that appears to be magical.

GMC 370 – this is a terrific portrait of a real character, a well worn and well loved old GMC pickup truck that has been modified for use the Essex Shipbuilding Museum.  Mike Criswell’s composition accentuates the raw personality of this old work-horse, revealing years of wear and tear that adds to it’s allure.

Photo by Tuncay

Lake Louise – this gorgeous landscape shot features the natural majesty of the Canadian Rockies, captured in the early morning.  Sarah Cederholm’s shot is accented by the predominantly blue tones and hues explored in the piece, adding to the cold feel of this beautiful snow-covered scene.

Moonrise over Cape Disappointment – a wonderful landscape piece shot by Scott Wood showcases the raw and rugged coastline and the lighthouse perched on the bluffs of Cape Disappointment in Washington State.  This shot appears to be captured late in the day as the warm natural light plays across the rock face and the nearly full moon crests above the scene for added drama.

Early morning – Holland is known worldwide for it’s breathtaking landscapes, featuring classic windmills that dot the horizon adding wonderful character and a unique touch.  Martijn Barendregt captures one such shot in the early morning, taking advantage of the warm light and deep contrasts found at this time of day.

Foot Bridge to Downtown – Tim Stanley composes a terrific shot, featuring the dramatic skyline and terrific architecture of the city of Houston.  Tim uses a foot bridge in his piece as a leading line, gently guiding the viewer into the frame and into the distance where the voyage of discovery truly begins.

The beauty of Wahclella Falls – Brian Matiash visits and shoots a wonderful waterfall in what I believe to be the state of Oregon in the US.  Brian uses a long exposure technique with this shot to smooth out the fast moving waters, all while retaining wonderful sharp detail in the surrounding landscape.

The View – Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies is a place that reveals different faces for each photographer who attempts to capture it’s grand beauty in a photograph.  Jeff Clow creates a very dramatic piece in this shot, exhibiting the jagged mountain range in a piece sure to mesmerize everyone.

Keller Hotel Sign – Mark Garbowski visits and captures a shot of an iconic landmark in New York, a hotel with a storied past and an old sign that still hangs today above its entranceway.  Mark processes this shot in a very nostalgic style, adding to the authentic feel of the scene and the classic sign as time continues to produce change through the process of decay.

Brooklyn Street Scenes - Rainy Night in Brooklyn, Outside Borough Hall
Photo by Steven Pisano

South Main Pipe Organ – we shoot a lot of churches here on Vancouver Island ourselves, and one of our favorite subjects at each facility is always the pipe organ.  In this shot Tim Stanley composes a great rendition of an original pipe organ, featuring both the character of the church itself, as well as the beautiful pipe organ that is still used today.

Hintersee – keller takes us to a lake in Germany where we enjoy a scene that features the still waters of a lake with rocky outcroppings in the foreground to add natural drama.  In the distance, the gorgeous natural beauty of the Bavarian landscape comes to life in this photograph, exuding the peace and tranquility that can only be found in the heart of nature..

Dubai 2015 – Burj Khalifa Fireworks – fireworks can be very tricky to capture in photography, and can produce some of the most striking results when done well.  Daniel Cheong is known for his work in Dubai shooting the city from elevated perspectives sharing very unique compositions of this amazing city, mostly at night.  In this great shot Daniel captures the stunning fireworks display at New Years.

Do you remember summer – Barry Turner captures a stunning shot featuring the rolling landscape of the UK dotted with colorful fields, and grand and majestic manors.  This shot is one of those that reveals more as you spend time with it, culminating in the group of sheep lying on the green grasses in the pastures below.

The Wreck Ship – this shot features the wonderful drama found in a natural leading line sitting under the colorful Indonesian skies at sunset.  As the wooden boat lies prone holding secrets and stories from years spent on the open waters, today it lies silently.

Tree below
Photo by Blondin Rikard

Interesting Blogs

The Parrot is a Teleprompter You Attach to the Front of Your Camera Lens – innovations continue to be developed in the world of photography, and this is a great example of great ideas coming to life and in action.  This new crowdsourced device is intended to be a very affordable option for videographers to use when shooting, helping the subject keep eye focus on the camera and creating a personal and intimate feel to the video.

Why your digital photos might die before your grandkids see them – this is a great article providing food for thought in terms of how we store our photographs in todays day and age.  With sites coming and going and storage devices slowly degrading over time, it’s important to be acutely aware of this issue at the very least.

The Phoblographer’s Most Popular Posts for 2014 – online photography blog Phoblographer publishes their list of their most popular posts in 2014.  There are some real gems in this list, well worth the time to peruse and check out.

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