33 Cool Streetscapes You Can Probably Emulate Near Your Own Home


Shooting streetscapes is amazingly rewarding because you can share your neighborhood and how you see it with everyone else.  There are 33 great examples of streetscapes here all with a variety of different styles so most all bases are covered.

French Quarter Streetscape

Photo by sandwinch

Grab your camera and walk out your front door, but take note to a few common themes in these photos:

  • Square is the new rectangle.  The Square format is coming back bigger then ever!
  • Timing is everything.  The street right in front of your house will look different at sunrise, mid-day and sunset, and like a different world at night.  Experiment with shooting the same scene at different times
  • Seasonal changes drastically effect photos.  There are some summer, winter, spring and fall photos here.  Take note to how interesting a winter scene would be if it was summer.
  • Angle of view.  Most people take photos while standing up, but experiment with getting down to ground level, or standing on a bridge looking down.
  • Utilize a tripod for longer exposures at night

As a photographer, I've always found it really interesting to try and go shoot what I commonly see in my neighborhood in a new an unique manner. Give it a try, photo walks through your own neighborhood can often reveal amazing new things you never knew were there, and use these 33 photos as some inspiration!

fitzroy gothic #2

Photo by mugley

Helsinki by night

Photo by taivasalla

the spencer st incident

Photo by mugley

Monroe Street After Blizzard

Photo by Mr. T in DC

Blue Lodge

Photo by Canterbury Heritage

Engels' street

Photo by Nick__N

Photo by ronnie.yip


Photo by taivasalla

Hello, Vancouver

Photo by kardboard604

Vancouver Winter

Photo by thedarkerside.to

Photo by Brett Sayles


Photo by mugley


Photo by St-Even

Tossa de Mar, Spain.

Photo by neilalderney123


Photo by Robert in Toronto


Photo by thedarkerside.to

Fall Night in the City

Photo by pinkcigarette

Photo by Burst

Esplanade Streetscape 2

Photo by _setev

Relax With a Hobby . . . Oops

Photo by michaelgoodin

Simple Silhouette - Busy Delancey

Photo by leonem

Ashley Mews West Facade

Photo by Voxphoto

2200 Block Floyd Avenue

Photo by taberandrew

Streets of San Juan

Photo by Graela


Photo by thespeak

Downtown Overpass, Calgary, Alberta

Photo by kootenayvolcano

Race to the underpass

Photo by robotography

The Ghosts of Soho

Photo by Thomas Hawk

The Capitol on the Night of the Austin PhotoWalk

Photo by Stuck in Customs

Winter Street Scene: Park Ave, Paterson NJ

Photo by Tony the Misfit

Big Bigger Biggest

Photo by velo_city

Photo by ronnie.yip

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