34 Photographs of Cathedral and Church Interiors That Rock

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Some subjects just lend themselves to amazing imagery. The interiors of religious structures like cathedrals are one of those subjects. We think that this collection brings that through beautifully. Some might break the occasional photographic “rule” like converging verticals or overcooking the saturation – it's just that we're having one of those days where we don't really care. Sometimes it's just great to look at gorgeous subjects taken for the pure pleasure of it. Enjoy, and share yours in the comments!

Cathedral Basilica by zeitzeph, on Flickr

. by fusion-of-horizons, on Flickr

Marseille Cathedral by papalars, on Flickr

L'altar i el baldaquí / The altar and baldachin by SBA73, on Flickr

Aisle of Light by Paul Ebbo, on Flickr

No pensava veure mai aquest sostre finalitzat… by SBA73, on Flickr

La catedral de l'Empordà / The cathedral of the Emporda by SBA73, on Flickr

Cologne Cathedral by szeke, on Flickr

paris, notre dame by extranoise, on Flickr

La medida humana by Carmen Escobar Carrio, on Flickr

p.v. jensen-klint 09, grundtvig memorial church 1913-1940 by seier+seier, on Flickr

Sagrada Familia – Interior by danichro, on Flickr

Cologne Cathedral by szeke, on Flickr

Columns and light – Washington National Cathedra. by DeusXFlorida, on Flickr

Untitled by fusion-of-horizons, on Flickr

Notre-Dame de la Garde by ©HTO3, on Flickr

Katedrála svatého Víta (Saint Vitus' Cathedral), Prague by LenDog64, on Flickr

Corinthian columns by triggzBb (very busy), on Flickr

Untitled by fusion-of-horizons, on Flickr

Interior of the Holy Trinity Cathedral II, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by A.Davey, on Flickr

Closer walk with thee by St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral – Memphis, on Flickr

Church of St. Nicholas – Organ Pipes by bvi4092, on Flickr

Manchester Cathedral by Michael D Beckwith, on Flickr

Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral by masochismtango, on Flickr

St Peter's interior by ricoeurian, on Flickr

Cathedral interior by The Wandering Angel, on Flickr

lc-a+ – worcester cathedral interior by johnnytakespictures, on Flickr

St. Giles' cathedral by kunalmehta, on Flickr

Notre Dame de Québec Basilica-Cathedral by BriYYZ, on Flickr

Catedrala Ortodoxă by bortescristian, on Flickr

Untitled by Stewart Black, on Flickr

Catedral de Zamora " Santuario Diócesano de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe" Zamora,Estado de Michoacán,México by Catedrales e Iglesias, on Flickr

Chapterhouse, Southwell Minster by stevecadman, on Flickr

interior by xavi talleda, on Flickr

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16 thoughts on “34 Photographs of Cathedral and Church Interiors That Rock

  1. Profile photo of Nate CochraneNate Cochrane

    Here is a capture inside one of the beautiful Meteora monasteries in Greece that you will seldom see. The gilt edges on the carvings and intricate ceiling paintings are riveting to behold.


    Larger at http://www.flickr.com/photos/natecochrane/6411288577/

    And a complete set of images from inside cathedrals and places of worship around the world and through the ages at http://www.flickr.com/photos/natecochrane/sets/72157627421573874/with/6411288577/

  2. Paul rose

    Been photographing church interiors for years and I have quite a collection. Some are on my website (attached) under “Places of Worship”. Feel free to check them out and comment.

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