7 Cool Pieces of Photography Gear That Cost Less than $10


Photography is an expensive hobby that can be totally fulfilling while emptying your pockets.  It doesn't have to be though.  Here are 7 cool pieces of photography gear that cost less than $10.

  • Mini Tripod – At only $1.25 these are cheap enough to buy a few of and stick one in every camera bag you have, the glove box of your car and even a purse or coat pocket.  While they won't hold a DSLR or even a larger point & shoot digital, they do just fine holding compact digital cameras and are perfect for helping do group shots with friends that you want to be in, or even utilizing the macro function of your p&s for more stability.
  • Lens Cap Keeper – One penny will buy you piece of mind!  If you are forever losing your lens caps, these amazingly cheap accessories will help keep them close at hand.  Buy them by the dozen they are so cheap!
  • LensPEN – stop cleaning your lens with the bottom of your t-shirt and use a LensPEN.  This small is device specially designed to remove finger prints, dust and debris from the end of your lens safely.
  • Micro Fiber Cloth – These little things work wonders to clean the end of lenses, safely wipe down the LCD screen on the back of your camera and even clean your eyeglasses.  To use effectively, huff a small amount of hot hair onto what you want to clean then use this cloth.
  • LCD Screen Protector – These inexpensive little wonders can save you a very costly repair should you scratch the LCD screen on the back of your digital camera.  Takes only minutes to apply to save hundreds of dollars in headaches.
  • Card Reader – Using an all-in-one card reader connected to your computer via USB is the most headache free way to transfer images.  No more trying to find that specific cable to hook up to your camera, and this one is small enough to be packed with a laptop for travelling.
  • 4GB SDHC Memory Card – Used in virtually all point-and-shoot cameras, some DSLRs and now some video cameras, this is an inexpensive way to ensure you always have enough storage space to capture the moments and relive memories.

Seven pieces of cool photography gear, each less than ten bucks, some at only a penny!  Hard to go wrong with these items.

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This is going to sound like a weird question but is there any possible chance of getting a camera under 10 or 15 dollars?
Thank you for your time and help!

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