7 Reasons You Should Enter This Photography Competition


As you might know by now Light Stalking has begun its own monthly photography competition with a cash prize for the grand winner of $250. The first theme for this competition is “Spirit of the Earth” which you can enter here.

But we thought we would do something a little fun so here are seven reasons that we think you should enter the competition put together by us here at Light Stalking.

Entry in Spirit of the Earth by Light Stalking member, Patography

1. The winner gets cash

In a world where every competition seems to be dominated by prizes in kind, we are one of the few who is offering cold hard cash (well, it’s via Paypal, but you know what me mean). $250 dollars for the winner.  This is one of the few places of the internet where you can actually win some money by being good at the craft of photography through prizes. Don’t get me wrong we also have some prizes in kind but that winner will get the cash. (Gimme da cash)

2. You Join the best community

By entering this competition you will join one of the closest-knit communities of photographers of the Internet.  many of these people have been on this site for a decade or longer and they are some of the friendliest and most helpful people around when it comes to helping your photography journey.  We have weekly challenges friendly critiques and a lot of funny banter. And a lot of people have taken their journey from rank beginner to prize-winners with us. We’d love to meet you!

3. You can aim for technical excellence and artistic flair or sheer popularity

Our competition has a prize for technical and artistic excellence as judged by professionals, but it also has a prize for the “People's Choice Award” (open to voting by our entire membership base) meaning that you can submit shots that are simply fun and enjoyable and still have a shot at a prize.

Entry in Spirit of the Earth by Light Stalking member, Michael

4. We think YOUR interpretation of the theme is just as valid as ours

The theme of the monthly challenge (like “Spirit of the Earth”) is a way to get your creative juices flowing. And sure, themes might lend themselves to certain types of shots (landscapes might be the obvious ones for something like “Spirit of the Earth”), but we LOVE to see what creative ways people interpret these themes. So you don’t have to overthink it or worry if you’re drawing inside the lines. 

5. Your work will be seen

We’ll feature the best shots on the site. If you’re not familiar with us, we have been a top 10 photography blog for over a decade and have been mentioned by everyone from NASA to National Geographic and the New York Times. Folks see our stuff. A lot. (I’m kind of a big deal)

6. You get Bonus… Stuff

When you enter this competition it comes with a heap of our goodies. Photography Blueprints, Drills and a ton of learning material. You see, we want you to do well in competitions like this, so we enable you to get there! And it just keeps coming with challenges and drills so you can consistently improve your chances!

7. Competition means fast improvement for you

If you want to get better at anything, then join a competition! A lot of us just do it for fun, but if you want to test yourselves against other photographers to see how you’re progressing then this is a great way to do that. 

Hopefully, that has got a few of your photography neurons firing.

Let’s see you on the inside.

Join the competition here.

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