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To put it simply, abstract photography is a genre of photography which seeks to depict a certain subject in a way that doesn't have an immediate association with the object world. What's really great about abstract images is the fact that anything can be your subject! In other words, there are absolutely no limitations.

The only thing that matters is your ability to show the subject in an unusual way and make it unrecognizable or very hard to guess. Because of this, good abstract photography requires a truly creative mind!

For truly captivating abstract photos, you need to learn how to focus on the basic elements of design such as line, texture, shape and color to depict your subject.

These 5 strategies can be very helpful if you're still new to abstract photography and you don't know where to start from:

Use Soft Focus For Painterly Effects

You should know that taking an unfocused, blurry shot doesn't have to lead to a bad photo. It can result in a subtle abstract image which emphasizes colors and creates a certain mood. The photograph below resembles an abstract painting because of its soft colors and shapes.

Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Play With Bold Textures And Lines

Textures are interesting because they add a sense of  touchability to a photograph, which is not a common quality in visual arts – it can surprise the viewer!

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Use Camera Movement In Abstract Images

Intentional camera movement (ICM) is a common strategy used in abstract photography. ICM is useful because it can transform the subject in a rather unpredictable and playful way.

Photo by Job Savelsberg

Experiment With Aerial Photography

Abstract photography from a top-down perspective is powerful because it can flatten a scene and transform a regular landscape into an improvised canvas. You will need a drone to capture photographs like this one!

Photo by Stephen Pedersen

Try Out Macro Abstract Images

Similarly to aerial photography, macro photography can compresses the entire scene and turn it into a canvas of basic elements of design. Nature macro photography can yield truly stunning abstract images.

Photo by Paul Talbot

The following 20 images are all great examples of the refreshing variety of abstract photography. Take a look at them for some additional inspiration!

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev
Photo by Aron Visuals
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel
Photo by Bruno Ramos Lara
Photo by Hector J. Rivas
Photo by Joshua Sortino
Photo by IIya lix
Photo by Chuttersnap
Photo by Tobias Keller
Photo by Daniel Olah
Photo by Luca Bravo
Photo by Fabio Ballasina
Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw
Photo by Joel Filipe
Photo by Shabu Anower
Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi
Photo by Tu Tram Pham
Photo by NASA
Photo by Logan Troxell
Photo by Mimi Garcia

In case these awesome images made you curious about abstract photography and you want to learn more about it, check out the following links!

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