The 10 Best Polaroid Printers

Polaroid printers started losing popularity around the 2000s due to failed business practices. But since the late 2010s, they’ve skyrocketed again for the vintage feel they give to printed images as well as their sheer convenience. Many companies sprung up to capture this craze and give us ways to print whatever we want as a […]

13 Prom Photography Tips

Ah, prom! Either the most loved or hated day of teens and one of the most anticipated events besides graduation. Such a special evening warrants special photos: keepsakes from their twice (or once!) in a lifetime night. To preserve those memories, we’ll be exploring thirteen short general prom photography tips that will help you capture […]

The 10 Best Travel Tripods Of 2023

Tripods used to be bulkier and heavier once upon a time and photographers had to carry these heavy accessories during their travels and it made the whole process a bit stressful. Travel tripods were made to make this process easier, so they can be carried in a backpack, without spending too much energy. They also […]

7 Street Portrait Photography Tips

When it comes to capturing people, street photography is one of the most challenging genres where you capture candid moments of people going about their daily chores. Even though it is about capturing the moments, if the photographer takes time to observe a location, choose the right time and location, they can capture some compelling […]