19 Gorgeous Photos Of Poppies

Fields full of blooming poppies are the perfect occasion for brushing up your flower photography. In Europe and in the US, you’re most likely to find meadows and fields crowded with poppies in late May and early June. So hurry up before they disappear! What’s so great about poppies is that they usually grow in […]

19 Fun Images Of Eggs

Because of Easter and Easter eggs, you might have captured some colorful images of eggs recently. In fact, eggs can be a wonderful subject for practicing still life, abstract or product photography and honing your compositional skills. Before we share with you 19 awesome photographs of eggs (both regular and Easter ones!), we suggest you […]

27 Creative Uses Of Bokeh

Bokeh is a term in photography that you must have heard many times. To put it simply, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in out-of-focus parts of an image. Photographers, especially portraitists, are often looking for lenses that produce amazing bokeh so they can add visual appeal to their photos. Bokeh is often as important as […]