Adobe Launches AI TikTok Creator Assistant


Anyone who has dipped their toes into the social media pool can tell you that content is king and the speed with which you can churn it out often helps distinguish between success and failure.

person holding white smartphone taking photo of woman wearing blue jeans
Person holding white smartphone taking photo of woman wearing blue jeans. Photo by Amanda Vick

Quality matters, too, of course, but, really, regularity, consistency, and something competently made often work wonders in the social media world.

Basically, it’s a market ripe for taking advantage of the new advances in artificial intelligence, namely, editing and production assistance.

And Adobe is making everything way easier for TikTok creators with the company’s just-announced AI-powered content creation assistant. So, if you’ve been putting off your TikTok career for lack of proper editing skills, maybe now is your chance.

It’s pretty comprehensive, too. The editor lets users split, trim, and crop scenes, resize the video, apply animations, add voiceovers, schedule content, and implement filter effects. It’s being pitched as an all-in-one solution with royalty-free content and free templates to help you get started. Overall, Adobe seems to be lowering the barrier to entry for would-be content creators.

Beyond that, however, we think Adobe has hit on a real niche here. AI assistants for social media content are the logical next step in the evolution of all of this, especially when you consider how important video is to pretty much every single platform out there now. The ability to tell stories via images is certainly a modern skill set, social media platform or not, and it will be interesting to see just how compelling the media AI creates will be. Only time (and the social media free market) will tell.

Any thoughts you might have on AI assistants for social media posts are welcome in the comments.

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