Concerns Emerge AI Could Make Adobe Customers Obsolete


Artificial intelligence has some people salivating at their mouths with the possibilities on the horizon, others are wringing their hands anxiously as they contemplate what that imagined dystopia might hold.

silver imac and apple keyboard
Silver iMac and Apple keyboard with Adobe app icons. Photo by Emily Bernal

And there are myriad reasons to be concerned, chief among them keeping people gainfully employed. After all, who will buy your product if no one has a job, the thinking goes. Sure, productivity gains are significant, but eliminating vast swathes of the workforce probably isn’t the best way to achieve that, the debate goes.

That seems to be the discussion being held among Adobe employees as the company assures the public that its AI tools won’t get rid of its own customer base, Venture Beat reports. This comes as some Adobe employees have already identified just that trend as job cuts have hit graphic design departments across the globe.

When you consider that Adobe makes its money through subscriptions and those are parceled out on a per-user basis then it isn’t hard to see that a shrinking customer base would spiral into fewer paying subscriptions over time. Such a situation would necessitate Adobe charging more per subscription to make up for lost subscribers which also has a natural limit as far as its ability to both recoup lost revenues and remain market viable.

Of course, Adobe won’t be the only company facing this reality as many embrace AI which means it will be interesting to see how everyone grapples with it. No matter where you stand in the debate, it is pretty hard to deny the need for customers no matter what your line of business is.

Do you think AI will eliminate most of these companies’ professional customer bases? Let us know your thoughts on artificial intelligence in the comments below.

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