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Amazing Photographs of Tracks and Paths

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We have talked before about leading lines in photographic composition and paths, roads and tracks always feature prominently in such discussions. This collection shows what can be done with these subjects and a few even go outside the leading lines meme. We think they are great. Share your own in the comments.

The lonely walk by VinothChandar, on Flickr
Tramps by h.koppdelaney, on Flickr
An Inviting Path by Ian Muttoo, on Flickr
Uncertain Path by bogenfreund, on Flickr
Minimalism outside by 55Laney69, on Flickr
Barn by Salmando, on Flickr
making tracks by jenny downing, on Flickr
Sacandaga ice fishing shelter by joiseyshowaa, on Flickr
caminante no hay camino by bachmont, on Flickr
iraq by The U.S. Army, on Flickr
Road on the Plateau above Cuzco by Lee Coursey, on Flickr
Where The Blacktop Ends by Trevor Manternach, on Flickr
65/356 by krystian_o, on Flickr
R0013019.tif by Sigfrid Lundberg, on Flickr
Dogs by dannysoar, on Flickr
Everything Is Piling Up by Ian Sane, on Flickr
Lines by Good Eye Might, on Flickr
Make tracks by spaceamoeba, on Flickr
A Distorted Path by Punanarppy, on Flickr
The Road to Pyramid Point by Matt Callow, on Flickr
Trip Way or Sand Cake..!! by :: Suwaif ::, on Flickr
Until You Return by Earl-Wilkerson, on Flickr
Verge by Astragony, on Flickr
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