How Atmospheric Skies Give the Wow Factor (Amazing Examples)


I don't think I know anyone who hasn't at some point in their life been fascinated with the sky, clouds, sunrise and sunsets.  It's an amazing part of our life here on earth and one that has captivated the minds and hearts of millions of photographers.  Perhaps because the sky is ever-changing, always creating a new canvas for us to photograph.  The sky is also one of the most versatile subjects; using it as a subject, background, foreground or even a reflection in still waters, the possibilities are endless.  Here are amazing sky photographs, but please add your own in the comments below!

le Marche - After the storm 1

Photo by gigi 62

Sun and Signs

Photo by .: sandman


Photo by MorBCN

Sky Palette

Photo by Nicholas_T

Grey Sunrise

Photo by Christolakis

Photo by Saltiola Experience


Photo by midlander1231

Hidden moon

Photo by Garry – www.visionandimaginatio

Hendry's with Fog, Night


Moonshimmering waterfall and Aurora Borealis

Photo by Arnar Valdimarsson

there were some lights in the sky last night

Photo by eir@si

I looked up

Photo by g_cowan

August Sky.

Photo by Pat Dalton………

A Queen Anne kind of sky

Photo by James Jordan

Photo by Federico Tasin

~ Seen Scene ~

Photo by ViaMoi

Drama in the Paine Towers

Photo by MarcoIE


Photo by Brujo+

Lake Powell Arizona

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

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Great post! I really like the photo of ViaMoi. And clouds can do a lot to landscape photos. And lightning will help even more, lightning is everything!

Here is a photo of a user of, I like the minimalistic style with the cloud. I would like to see more of these photos on! 😀

Thanks for sharing!


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