23 Amazing Amateur Aurora Photos


If you're lucky enough to live in the extreme north, you regularly have an amazing photographic opportunity in Aurora Borealis (aka northern polar lights) – a phenomenon that doesn't often occur the closer to the equator you get. As these aurora photos demonstrate the lights can provide a stunning backdrop to night-time landscape photographs and provide a unique subject that is largely unavailable to other areas of the world.

These aurora photos sjow fantastic landscape photography skills combined with a fantastic choice of subject in the lights themselves that, as you can see, have lead to some incredible shots.

As always, if you think you have some aurora photos that deserve to be in this company or know of somebody who does, then please feel free to leave the link in the comments.

Don't also forget to check out the links to the tuorials on photographing the aurorae.

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The northern lights really do make amazing photographs hey?

It’s one of those natural beauties that just never stops surprising people as like you say, it’s something that most people in the world will never experience for themselves.

@ Lee – thanks for stopping by. I was quite amazed by the amount of good images of Borealis around.

Finding images of Aurora Australis on the other hand is REALLY difficult.

Goodness gracious, those are amazing.

I do live in the extreme north, but good ol’ Lake Superior is a regular cloud factory. I’ve only seen the aurora up here twice, in all my years!

Let’s not forget the Aurora Australis that can be seen quite well in winter from Invercargill, New Zealand. I never tried to photograph them but there are some good photographers down there!

, . . , those pics up there, they're extremely extraordinary, they're super b……………….. i like them………………..especially since i've never seen anything like it…..he he he

Those pics are absolutely terrific.

I have never seen anything like this. I would like to thank the photographers, to atleast making it available to us.

The color is so amazing and beautiful. I think every night sky should have an aurora but since most dont, im going to go out and find some myself one day. Stunning pics.

Hi Rob
I just found this article on Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis – some of the best shots ever!
Almost all the photos are from Iceland. But unlike most articles almost none is credited with original url or the name of photographer.
Not good – eaven though none is mine.

Best regards
Anna Soffia

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