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Google is About to Kill Support for the Nik Collection

Oh boy, this one is going to upset a few photographers. Google have slyly “announced” that they are about to cease updating the Nik Collection of software. Actually, it wasn’t so much an announcement as the simple adding of a banner on the Nik Collection site that added, “We have no plans to update the Collection […]

Our 113 Most Useful Links for Photographers

One of the wonderful things about the photography world are how many people put in countless talent online to serve the industry. This ranges from an amazing array of free blogs and tutorial sites through to really useful photography tools and portfolio sites for you to display your creativity as well as photography books and […]

Why No Photographer Should Ever Have Downtime

When you get into the world of photography, there are a lot of things that “click” through sheer exposure to the industry. One of those things is that the vast majority of successful photographers you meet are always busy, even when they don’t have clients. But how can that be? What is The True Value […]

9 of the Best Landscape Tutorials of 2017 So Far

Landscape photography tutorials are one of the niches of photography that lend themselves to being really well covered online. Over the years we have seen a lot of exceptional guides to help newbies and experienced alike master their landscape photography, possibly headed by our own article by Chris Gin. But, this year has seen an […]