What Is Moiré In Photography And How To Deal With It

Optical effects and illusions are a tricky thing to deal with in photography. Sometimes our cameras see more than what our eyes can and this can become so frustrating because it can ruin the image or cause deterioration in image quality. One such effect that can be quite annoying in photographs is the Moiré pattern and in this article, we will take a look at what moiré is, what causes it and how to deal with moiré in photography.

25 Stunning Examples Of Minimalist Landscape Photography

Landscapes are one of the most popular genres amongst photographers and it can be one of the most difficult to master in terms of light, exposure and composition.

When starting out with landscape photography, you can start with minimalism in mind, so you learn to carefully observe one part of the landscape or one element in the landscape and then add one or more surrounding elements to compose the shot. This will help you to work with colours, master composition and compose shots that are neat and impactful. Here are 25 stunning examples of minimal landscape photography!

9 Extremely Helpful Tutorials Nail The Basics of Photography

In order to take effective photographs, you need to learn the basics, so you can use it creatively to tell the story you intend to or have visualised. With so much information available online, it can be quite confusing for beginners to search and find the relevant information and what information to look for. In order to minimise that struggle, we have put together some good tutorials on some photography basics that you can go through for a start and later elaborate on specific topics when you need to.

Here Is A Detailed Review Of The Datacolor SpyderX Pro

Creating good photographs go a long way, more than composition, light, settings, techniques, etc., because the resulting output image is post processed and exported using a computer with a monitor. If the colour calibration is not right in the monitor, then the output will not be accurate, which means, the real and accurate colours will not be reproduced when sharing or printing the images.

It takes a lot to get a perfect shot and a wrongly calibrated monitor should not be a barrier in producing an exceptionally great output image with the correct colours. We will take a look at a detailed review of the Datacolor SpyderX Pro, how it can be used to calibrate monitors and its pros and cons.