23 Types Of Portrait Photography You Can Try Today

Portraits can be shot for various reasons – special occasions, events, business, professional work, portfolio, or even for creative purposes, fun and hobby. They can be shot in either artificial or natural light and lit in so many ways depending on the results one is looking for.

If you are looking to get started with portrait photography, or looking for portrait photography ideas, here are 23 different types of portrait photography that you can try today.

The 20 Best Camera Straps Of 2023

When buying new cameras they come with straps that are not comfortable to use. Some photographers do not give much importance to the strap as they consider it just as an accessory to hang or hold the camera, but in order to carry the camera comfortably and have easy access when you need to photograph something, you need to invest in a camera strap that suits your purpose and the type of camera and lens combination that you have.

The Best Lens For Portraits In 2023

There are certain features to look for in a lens if you wish to get into serious portrait photography. Besides, as you practice capturing portraits and want to expand your possibilities, you will need more than one lens in your kit based on your style of shooting. Here are some of the best lenses for portrait photography.