How To Photograph A Meteor Shower

If you are someone who looks at the night sky quite often, chances are that you have seen a few of them and these shooting stars as we generally call them are not at all stars but meteoroids entering the earth’s atmosphere at a very high speed. In this article we will look at what meteors are and how to photograph a meteor shower the next time there is a peak, so you can go out confidently and try shooting some of them.

How Blurring People Can Give You Amazing Images

Although we have all photographed intentional motion blur in the form of light painting, panning, etc., have you thought about blurring people in photography to create dreamy images, feeling of chaos, busy life, speed, movement or even the feeling of being abstract and mysterious? In this article we will look at how to blur people in a frame to make some creative images that will make people stop and stare!