High Key Lighting And How To Set It Up

There is a huge difference between shooting in natural light and shooting in a studio because, in a studio, one has full control over lighting. Although it is not always easy to achieve the lighting you are looking for, you can experiment and change the way the lights are set up until you get the desired results. Here are some tips on setting up high key lighting!

29 Fascinating Photographs Of Mushrooms And Their Mystical World

Mushrooms can be found on tree barks, other substrates and most commonly on the ground. Hence it is a subject where the photographer needs to get down low or find a very unique perspective to capture the beauty of the mushroom in its habitat. Besides, one of the challenges photographers will be faced with photographing mushrooms is the lighting condition.
Here are 29 fascinating photographs of mushrooms in their mystical world.

23 Great Examples Of Creative Photography Through Glass

Photographing through glass is a creative way to explore how light and its properties can be used to capture stunning photographs. Reflection, diffraction, refraction, interference are some properties that can be used to capture stunning photographs through glass. Moreover, it also pushes the photographer to observe and capture things differently by overcoming their creative boundaries. Here are 23 images that are great examples for creative photography through glass.