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About Dahlia Ambrose

Dahlia is a physicist and self taught photographer with a passion for travel, photography and technology. She can sometimes get obsessed trying new photography techniques and post processing styles using Lightroom or Plugins in Photoshop. She occasionally writes articles on topics that interest or provoke her. You can check out her photography on Instagram, 500px and Flickr

Nikon Likely to Release New Mirrorless Camera Soon

Some exciting news for the Nikon fans has come out after a recent interview by Japanese newspaper, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, with the President of Nikon Mr Kazuo Ushida.  The interview at has confirmed that Nikon is working on a unique new professional mirrorless system camera which is currently under development and will be launched soon. The interview […]

Saving the Nik Collection: Is There Hope?

With Google pulling off support for Nik Collection and announcing that it will no longer be making any additions to the collection or adding new features over time, there have been concerns about this news with most photographers who have relied on this software for their workflow. In the future, when Microsoft and Apple release […]

Erin Mulvehill’s Eerie Underwater Portraits Are Stunning

Underwater photography can be quite a risky and complicated one with all those extra pieces of protection for gear, model/s and the photographer. But, Erin Mulvehill creates incredible underwater effects using studio lights and other materials in her own studio. Erin is a photographer from New York, who was born in October 1988 near Lake Ontario. She began […]

Mitchel Wu’s Toy Photography Will Rekindle Your Childhood Imagination: 15 Amazing Photos

Photography has various genres and every photographer finds something that interests and fascinates them and then develops their skills in that field. Like landscapes, portraits, astrophotography, still life and others, a new sub-genre of toy photography is a very special skill where photographers create stories with toys as their subjects. Some photographers shoot toys in natural […]