9 Street Photography Tutorials To Hone Your Skills

Street photography can be made meaningful and powerful thorough the photographer’s observation and unique vision and it will remain as a documented evidence of things that happened or were seen at a particular place and time. The definition of street photography is not a fixed one because different people define it differently, but a simple definition may be documenting everyday life in the public candidly. You need to capture the story, emotion, environment in a street photograph and this can also be done without people in the frame.
Here are 9 useful tutorials that will help you to improve your skills as a street photographer!

How To Achieve Creative Astrophotography Effects

In astrophotography, after you capture the photos in camera, they can be post processed in many creative ways using various softwares to portray your artistic vision and also to give the photos a feeling of dynamism. In this article we will look at how various creative astrophotography effects can be created using softwares. Most of them are the stacking softwares themselves that allow us to achieve these effects.

30 Photographs That Make Brilliant Use Of Compositional Guidelines

Photographers do not need to stick to only one compositional guideline in a photograph, but can combine more than one to create a powerful image. Here are some images that make use of brilliant compositional guidelines. If you are a beginner, this list will help you to observe each image and learn the techniques used to make each image powerful and visually appealing.