8 Guides On Filters That Will Enhance Your Photography

Filters for cameras are optical glass filters that are mostly placed or attached to the front of the lens and they come in different types for various purposes. You could use filters to slow down the shutter, change the way light falls on the sensor, cut down certain wavelengths or even add/enhance colours and other interesting effects with the help of a filter. Here are 8 interesting guides on filters that will help you to enhance your photography.

21 Photographs Of The Spring Season To Bring Some Cheer And Inspiration

Spring is around the corner and it is a time of the year when everything wakes up from dormancy, including plants, trees, bugs, even some birds and animals. You can feel the warmth, see new growth and it is a season that portrays new life and colours. Some photographers also stay indoors and shoot less during the winter season and so spring can be a time to dust off the camera, to get out and shoot.
Here are 21 photographs of the spring season, to bring some cheer and inspiration to your photography.

How To Blur A Photo Background On iPhone Or Android

Having a blurry background can make the subject stand out when it comes to photography and it can be a powerful compositional tool to draw attention to the subject. You will be able to capture images with blurry backgrounds even using a smartphone (an iPhone or an android phone) that you have in hand. It may seem difficult to achieve that effect, but With the right techniques, some creative thinking and visual perception it is quite easy.