Kristina Makeeva’s Photos Of Flamingos Are Mesmerizing

Kristina Makeeva is a Russian photographer from Moscow who is well known for her fairy tale images that blend fashion and travel. She picked up a camera when she was 16 and has since then been capturing creative photographs covering various genres including wildlife. Kristina’s philosophy is to find beauty in the ordinary things.
Here is what Kristina has to say about her incredible trip to Kenya along with stunning images of the flamingos captured there. The magical colours and the beauty of the flamingos is truly hypnotising.

How To Get Awesome Still Life Photographs At Home

Still life photography is a creative type of photography and can be sometimes one of the most fulfilling one. You do not need to go for complicated setups and objects to photograph, but can find small interesting things from your day to day life and capture a story through still life photography. In this article, we will look at how to capture still life photographs of objects at home.

9 Useful Tutorials To Capture Inspirational Stories In Your Winter Photography

Winter photography is something many photographers often shy away from because of the extreme weather conditions and the fear of causing damage to gear. Some photographers even lose motivation during the colder months and prefer to stay warm indoors as the days are considerably short depending on where you live. In this article, we have put together 9 tutorials that will help you to discover new ways to practice your photography and stay motivated during the winter season.

Photographer Brad Wilson’s Soulful Portraits Of Animals Will Leave You Spellbound

Brad Wilson is a photographer who started his journey in fine art photography after his education in visual arts where he studied art history and studio art. His images have been published around the world and have appeared in CNN, CBS News, WWF, Wildlife Conservation Society, Greenpeace, Audubon, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Vanity Fair Italia, and many more.
Here is what Brad has to tell about his work along with a collection of his animal portraits.