30 Amazing Sports Photographers To Follow

Sports photography is not so easy to master and the photographer needs to have a good understanding of the sport they will be capturing and also an idea about the players’ techniques in sports, so important moments are not missed. Sports photography is also a great way to improve one’s creative and technical skills as a photographer and it is also good to learn some techniques by checking out the work of great photographers. Here are some amazing sports photographers to follow!

The 7 Best Drones For Kids

Whether your kid is a beginner in photography or wants to improve their photography skills and take it a level up by shooting aerial images, a drone can be a great tool to keep their interests going and to help them explore new techniques and skills in photography in a fun way. Drones for kids […]

Best Place To Buy A Used Camera Or Lens

There are many online and physical stores that are reputable sellers in used camera equipment, that attract potential buyers. Moreover, when one starts getting serious about photography and wishes to expand their skills, purchasing camera bodies and lenses can become a very expensive thing which many photographers cannot afford and is beyond their budget. Buying used photography gear will be a great decision in these situations.

27 Tack Sharp Images That Demonstrate Camera Mastery

Most photographers when they have captured an image, zoom into it at 100% to analyse it for sharpness. Sharpness is of great importance in photography and a lot of photographers discard images even if they are slightly blurry. Besides, sharpness for the scene or subject is decided depending on the genre – for example, for portraits, wildlife, etc., the eyes need to be in perfect focus and tack sharp, whereas for landscape and architecture, the entire scene or frame needs to be perfectly sharp.
Here are 27 tack sharp images from various genre, that demonstrate camera mastery.

10 Of Our Best Links On Camera Craft To Master The Gear You Have

When beginners start out in photography, there are a few things that they need to know, understand and practice before getting out to shoot. It is important to read the manual and know the parts of the camera and what each button, dial does and some important features in the menu.
Each camera is slightly different in terms of buttons, dials, menu, and terms used to represent modes and features, which can be easily understood from the manual but most features will be similar. Here are 10 of our best links on camera craft to master the gear that you have.