A Review Of The PGYTech OneMo 2 Backpack

If you have followed Light Stalking for a while, you might know I am perpetually searching for the perfect camera bag. A quick search reveals I have written at least five articles about bags/backpacks over the years. If there is one theme about all the backpacks/bags I have reviewed to date, it’s that I bought […]

How To Get Started In Street Photography

Street photography is perhaps one of the most daunting genres to attempt, especially for newcomers. The idea of photographing random people in urban environments can even send shivers down the spine of an accomplished photographer.  However, good street photography can be one of this art’s most powerful and evocative forms. It can provoke thought, question […]

The Best Drone With Camera In 2023

If not essential, then drones are certainly an important part of any photographer’s tool kit. The freedom afforded by aerial photography allows us to move our cameras in three planes and a significant distance from our positions, all whilst still monitoring a live feed.  A camera drone can allow us to shoot both amazing stills […]

Photography Project In One Day

Why A Photo Project? I have written before about the benefits of doing a photography project. In 2021, whilst back in London for some family business, I decided to try my hand at a photographic project. The end result was my “Glimpses of London” series, where I attempted to convey the iconic locations of the […]