A Guide To The Lightroom Mobile Camera App

Anyone that subscribes to the Adobe Photographers package will know about the Lightroom Mobile app. It is a sort of “Mini Me” to the main Adobe Lightroom program.  As such, it allows you to organize, edit, rate, and add metadata to images. These images are not only those on your iPhone but also any in […]

Kase Magnetic Filters Review

Filters, I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love what they can do for my creativity. Allowing me to reduce reflections or extend my shutter speed. I can shoot ultra-long exposures or get my shutter down to the 180-degree rule when shooting video.  However, I also find them cumbersome, especially for such small items. […]

Why A Single Focal Length Stifles Creativity

Using a single focal length lens out of habit can be limiting because it forces the photographer or cinematographer to work within a specific field of view. This can make it more difficult to experiment with different perspectives and compositions, leading to a lack of variety in the resulting images or footage. In this article, […]