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About Jason Row

Jason Row is a British born travel photographer now living in Ukraine. His images have been licensed to companies such as Cunard, Ethiad and Virgin Atlantic as well as multiple newspapers and magazines. As well as shooting stills he is now creating travel stock video in 4K. He maintains a travel stock photography site at Jason Row Photography You can also catch up with him on Facebook at Facebook/TheOdessaFiles

Fuji X-T2 First Impressions

If you have read my articles for a while, you will know I have a fond affection for all things Fuji, so it should come as no surprise that I am now the owner of a Fuji X-T2. I enjoy their products very much. I suspect this is very much to do with my grounding […]

Do You Really Need It?

I am having a tough time. I need a second 4K capable camera. It needs to be light and also take good pictures. There are quite a few options open to me but none works perfectly. Going back to the opening sentence though, the keyword is need. I need this camera for certain projects I […]

Video: The Photographer’s Dilemma

Video, some photographers love it, some hate it. Many will argue that video is not a feature that should be added to our cameras. Others will produce feature films with that feature. The problem is that like the perfect stills camera, the perfect video camera does not exist. I know this because I shoot both […]

4 Persistant Myths About Drone Photography

Drones have rapidly become powerful tools for photographers and filmmakers alike. Their ability to soar above a scene and give an entirely new perspective to our images makes them increasingly popular. With that popularity, however comes some negativity, some induced by some drone fliers themselves, others simply myths propagated by people that vehemently dislike the […]

Why Autumn Is The Best Time To Take Photographs

I get a little melancholy when I see watermelons. Let me explain. Towards the end of summer in Ukraine, farmers come to the city to sell watermelons from huge crates on street corners. It signifies the beginning of the end of summer. As photographers, however we should not feel melancholy about the end of summer […]