What Exactly Is An NFT

Unless you have been on an extended vacation to the moon for the last couple of years, you have probably heard the term NFT. You might have even heard what that acronym stands for, non-fungible token. But do you actually know what that term means? I confess I had little to no idea what they […]

4 Ways to Put The Fun Back Into Photography

When I first started thinking about this article, the original title was going to be “has photography become too serious?” On reflection though, I felt that was a little too negative and photography should not be negative, it should be a positive, enabling pastime.  But why did I come up with that original title? Well, […]

A Review of The Sandmarc Tripod Pro

We love a bit of smartphone photography here at Light Stalking. Indeed, I and others here have written a fair bit about the freedom of shooting with a smartphone. One of the other topics I have written extensively about is my love/hate relationship with tripods. I love the low-light images that you can get from […]

Making Your Images Tell A Story

One of the key differences between a good shot and a great shot is that the great shot will tell a story. When we think of a story, we immediately think of a book or a film. A linear journey through a series of events.  But how can we tell a story in a single […]