Common Mistakes In Car Photography

Imagine taking incredible car photos like world-renowned automobile photographers Ciprian Mihai and George F. Williams. It would be game-changing. Your career in car photography would set off, you could grow your car sale business, or you could attract more people to your website. But here you are. You have passion and interest. Yet, no matter how […]

When, Where, And How To Use Tungsten Light

When it comes to taking successful pictures, lighting is a critical factor. Besides affecting obvious parameters such as exposure, lighting determines the mood and tone of the picture.  One of the common ways to manipulate lighting in images is by using tungsten lighting. This type of light refers to an artificial lighting source that emits […]

Tips And Tricks For Romantic Beach Photos

Soft shimmering sand, wavy waters, deep blue sky, colorful umbrellas — a holy grail for many portrait photographers!  And when it comes to romantic photos, the beach provides a wonderful background. Yet, taking beach photos can be challenging if you don’t know much about lighting and proper camera settings for different times of the day. […]