19 Baby Shots That Will Make You Smile


The first few months and years of a child's life go by so fast, but there are so many amazing moments to be captured during that time that make it easy to reflect and appreciate them when they're grown.  Here's 19 baby shots that will make you smile for sure!

what a year it's been!

Photo by rAmmoRRison

j'adoooooore !

Photo by potamadam

happy happy joy joy - _MG_9548

Photo by sean dreilinger

Happy Mothers Day!

Photo by Lawrence Whittemore

Danielle & Lilliyan

Photo by Robert Whitehead

H'Mong babygirl - mu mèo nh?

Photo by linh.ngân


Photo by Alain Bachellier

Photo by kelvin octa

Photo by bisbiglio [in arte “sbibbì”]

Portrait (Brothers, side-face)

Photo by dankos.de

Hello Flickr friends, my name is Julieta!

Photo by dhammza

au troisième jour..

Photo by christophandre

now what is the fluffiest

Photo by maessive

Photo by Victoria Borodinova

Father & Son

Photo by kwerfeldein

Sleep Like A Baby

Photo by peasap

Baby Gnome

Photo by Kirsten | www.kirstenalana.com

Small child, big yawn

Photo by anyjazz65

Hand it to me

Photo by Axel Bührmann

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Nice Jay!

Hey, just to let you know, it’s possible to embed photos in your comments directly if you like. See the little link just under the comments box.

What great shots and what character each baby displays. It is amazing that not matter what else happens children are children everywhere.

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