31 Creative Examples of Backlit and Rimlit Photos


Having a scene lit from behind can serve to bring out the shape and form of subjects in a beautiful way. Sometimes it can also diminish them. These examples of backlit and rim-lit photographs show that, with a little bit of skill, the results can be quite stunning. For some primers on how to achieve a great effect like these examples, check out our articles: “Do You Make These Mistakes When Using Backlighting?” and “How to Capture Stunning Backlit Portraits During the Golden Hours.

grulla[/url] by kekremsi[/url], on Flickr
Landing[/url] by Steve-h[/url], on Flickr
Paulaner Hefe-Weißbier Naturtrüb[/url] by christian.senger[/url], on Flickr
silvered[/url] by jenny downing[/url], on Flickr
patina[/url] by jenny downing[/url], on Flickr
Backlight brown horse[/url] by Tambako the Jaguar[/url], on Flickr
In situ.[/url] by Calc-tufa[/url], on Flickr
Brown[/url] by dicktay2000[/url], on Flickr
My heart belongs to you[/url] by Ernst Vikne[/url], on Flickr
Soap bubbles[/url] by Ernst Vikne[/url], on Flickr
ARC GLORIA[/url] by *L*u*z*A*[/url], on Flickr
flower power[/url] by nandadevieast[/url], on Flickr
High Energy / La Phaze[/url] by Libertinus[/url], on Flickr
Daisies[/url] by John-Morgan[/url], on Flickr
Between the showers 2[/url] by Steve-h[/url], on Flickr
Untitled[/url] by Jesse Kruger[/url], on Flickr
slow food[/url] by jenny downing[/url], on Flickr
Bird of Paradise flower[/url] by Alan Vernon.[/url], on Flickr
gerbera[/url] by Muffet[/url], on Flickr
backlit[/url] by shooting brooklyn[/url], on Flickr
backlit paintbrush bristles[/url] by theilr[/url], on Flickr
backlit flower[/url] by Muffet[/url], on Flickr
Backlit hair[/url] by Ernst Vikne[/url], on Flickr
Isolation[/url] by Unhindered by Talent[/url], on Flickr
Henry at the basement window[/url] by Muffet[/url], on Flickr
Dandelion in the thicket[/url] by gmoorenator[/url], on Flickr
refill[/url] by Robert S. Donovan[/url], on Flickr
Daisies[/url] by gfpeck[/url], on Flickr
Home I[/url] by Dannerzz[/url], on Flickr
Night Run[/url] by Phil Roeder[/url], on Flickr
frontbacklit[/url] by mugley[/url], on Flickr

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