14 Stunning Barn Photographs that Might Inspire a Weekend Drive in the Country


There's something about barns. They speak to history, hard work, a way of life, and in some respects a kinder, gentler mindset. We see them all the time: on the outskirts of town, travels to ‘where we grew up' and vacations. Some barns we've seen so many times that we may not notice them anymore. Some barns just capture our interest every time we see them.

From the historical to the modern, from the classic red to stone, from bright and cheery to dark and mysterious, barns stand the test of time. We'll present several barns that may inspire you to pause and take a few shots the next time you pass by.


Soft morning light combined with a blanket of fog adds a sense of mystery to the fall foliage.


Browns and beiges are anything but dull against the almost neutral blue sky.


A lot of overgrowth combined with black and white fills the composition with texture.

Rock Barn

This old rock barn's details are highlighted with a nice touch of HDR. The stories those walls could tell…..


The snow, colors and post processing treatment give this smartphone photo a sense of magic. Even if you don't have your traditional camera with you, capture the moment anyway. You may be pleasantly surprised with the result.

Traditional Red Barn

A rich red barn pops against the winter snow with some post processing using high contrast and clarity.

In the Distance

Seeing a barn in the distance can be as impactful as being up close. The bright red against the green with a touch of a rainbow offers a pallet of contrasting brights.

The massive barn tower with it's impressive roof is balanced by positioning the barn's scale against the brilliant field of gold.

Inside the Barn

There's another world inside the barn. Tools, animals, people. Light and shadows. Lines and angles. Don't forget to bring your tripod!

In the Woods


by Kyllie_Jaxxon

Black & White

With texture and details, barns and their surroundings have a strong presence in black and white.

Black & White with Color Editing

Where there's black and white, there's also the opportunity to infuse a splash of color. The faded red barn looked average in color, better in black and white, and more interesting using the faded red wood siding as points of interest.

Take a drive and explore country roads or nearby boarding stables. It's fair game to photograph from the road. If you want to photograph on the property, always get permission.

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The Palouse region of Washington state is a mere 45 minute detour from the fastest route to visit my daughter near Spokane, although with stops that extra 45 minutes has been known to extend to 10 hours. So many barns, both active and abandoned, to photograph. My favorite has to be this one .

Love this photo Jerry! The light coming through the roof slats really complements the rustic feel! Thanks for sharing!

Exceptional creativity. This is exactly what I’m working on now. I have a list of barns yet to shoot. Some work best in early morning or pre-
Sunset light. Waiting for those foggy mornings on my favorite one. B/W gives them the circa of their time. But the faded reds tell a story too.
Thanks for this blog.

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