Beth Moon’s Photographs of Ancient Trees Will Inspire You


In photography, you will often hear people talking about building a “meaningful” body of work. When you start to try to do that, you begin to realise how difficult it can be. That is why Beth Moon's work really gave us pause.

The San Fancisco based photographer has been on a mission for the last 14 years to seek out the world's most ancient trees which are quite often found in the world's most remote areas. In doing so, she has put together a collection of work that is the epitome of that meaningful body.

The culmination of this project is Beth's book, Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time which is a collection of 60 of Moon's impressive works of art accompanied by an explanation of the natural and cultural of each tree.

Let's let some of Beth Moon's work speak for itself and be sure to visit her site below.










As you can see, this collection is well worth checking out. For more information on Beth Moon, you can get here at these links:

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Rob is the founder of Light Stalking. His love for photography started as a child with a Kodak Instamatic and pushed him into building this fantastic place all these years later, and you can get to know him better here.
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The word ” beautiful ” is used far to often in my humble opinion ( I’m as guilty as anyone). This body of work throughly deserves the word Beautiful! The sheer scale of the undertaking is mind blowing, there is clarity of both thought and action. The book from which these images come, is on my shopping list. Thank you so much for the chance to view and peruse in deep pondermeant . Love and good things to you.

More than beautiful, these photos, intentionally or not are both a political and philosophical statement; a record of what once was, what could have been and, sadly, what may now never be again due to human induced changes. As such, I find it far more powerful than (merely) beautiful though it is certainly that too.

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