17 Eerie Black and White Seascapes


We've covered over and over again how powerful black and white photography can be, and how many still view it as the most pure form of photography.  What happens when you combine black and white photography with the earths most abundant, emotional and powerful resources?   Stunning seacapes that are simply breathtaking, eerie, and moving all at the same time.

A good number of these photos were captured on long exposures, and having the ocean change on a near minute by minute basis, it's possible to capture great photographs nearly any time of day or night, with or without clouds, clear days or in haze.  The ocean is a mystical, calming and amazing part of our world, and these photos showcase just how eerie it can also be too.

grayscale photo of sea waves crashing on rock formation
Image by Tomas Anunziata
beach black and white dramatic horizon
Image by Pok Rie
grayscale photo of manstanding at the edge of a cliff
Image by Alexandra Karnasopoulos
grayscale photo of wooden dock on body of water
Image by Mitchell Luo
grayscale photo of lighthouse
Image by Ray Bilcliff
grayscale photo of a body of water
Image by Ana
gray scale photo of a boat on body of water under cloudy sky
Image by Onur Kurtic
rocky shore during day
Image by Sides Imagery
monochromatic photo of calm body of water
Image by Stacey Gabrielle Koenitz Rozells
grayscale photo of sea during cloudy sky at daytime
Image by Flickr on Pexels
grayscale photography of rocks on seashore during daytime
Image by Jeerayut Rianwed
rock formation near body of water
Image by Ave Calvar Martinez
grayscale photography of cliff
Image by Ryan Elson
mountain near beach shore under dark cloudy sky
Image by Geoffroy Hauwen
rocks covered with fog
Image by Shadi Sak
time lapse photo of a house near body of water in grayscale
Image by Peter Robinson
person fishing
Image by Ray Bilcliff

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When you are trying to sell your photos online – do you find that black and white sell better? These are beautiful and taking black and whites usually needs a different kind of eye for landscapes. Just wondering if you agree that buyers respond differently. Thanks!

There’s something for everyone here. Some photojournalism (which I love) some simple compositions (which I love) and some way over the top heavily processed skies ( which aren’t my cup of tea). My blog, http://www.northumberland360.com features seascapes nearly every day but I never tire of looking at the sea on all her moods.

Some great shots there but also a few that I don’t think should have been included. It isn’t that difficult to get the horizon straight…

I’m fortunate enough to live only 5 minutes from the beach. I’m there at least once a week taking pictures.

Incredible shots!

I am blown away with these images, they really are magical.

Would they be taken with the digital camera set on black and white or would they be taken as colour then edited to B & W.

I must find some tutorials on taking B & W images. Does anyone know of any?

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