Interesting Ways to Photograph Bottles


Bottles are something that any photographer can get their hands on to photograph, but sometimes it can be a little difficult to think of an interesting way to photograph them. Well, here to offer even more proof that a good photographer can find beauty in the mundane!

The chemist
The chemist by aussiegall, on Flickr
glass bottle
glass bottle by wolfgangfoto, on Flickr
beams by mugley, on Flickr
Last Beer
Last Beer by Hallenser, on Flickr

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I love the star-shaped candies in the Coke bottle! I am one of those folks who eats their M&Ms in a particular color order, too.

The splashing shiraz photo was well-timed. Ice-cube tossed in?

Raising a killer makes me think of fantastic Lego constructions. Every child would love a bottle opener like that for their sodas!

Why didn’t a whisky or singlemalt drinker have an entry? I can think of a few distillers’ bottles that are out of the ordinary, and a more than a few spots for background interest.

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