Breaking into the Business of Photography

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Let's not make any mistakes here, photography is a hugely competitive business and breaking into it in a successful way is difficult. That being said, it is also arguably one of the most rewarding professions in the world. But how do you get into it?

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We have put together some resources here that will set you down the right path for breaking into this competitive world. Make no mistakes, it will be a difficult road. But the rewards are having freedom and one of the best jobs in the world.

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Why Some Photographers Get All the Breaks – This article explores how and why some photographers “make it” in the industry while others, of comparable or better talent” always seem to struggle for jobs. A combination of photography skills is a requirement for success, but is not necessarily sufficient by itself.

Breaking Into Stock Photography

Selling Your Photographs Through Stock Libraries: A Primer – The face of traditional stock photography was changed beyond recognition by two major developments, the advent of the digital camera and the rise of the Royalty Free license, both of which lead to the development of the microstock agency . So if you wish to offer your images for sale at a stock library, which should you choose, micro or macro?

7 Basic Tips That Will Make Your Stock Photographs Sell Like Hotcakes – Anybody with a decent digital camera and a basic knowledge of photography has the potential to earn money with their photos now. However, in order to really make it big and earn a living with microstock, there are some things that are very important to know and do.

How to Get Your Photographs Accepted at Stock Libraries – These days more and more people are considering selling their images via stock libraries. However some people find initially getting into a library be it macro stock like Alamy or micro stock such as iStockphoto a hugely frustrating ordeal. You prepare and send your very best images time after time and keep receiving the dreaded submission failed email. Let's have a look at how to prepare images for stock so that your submission is accepted.

Fine Art Photography

5 Tips for Photographers Who Want to Break Into the Fine Art Marketplace – Making the jump from a hobbyist to a professional artist takes not only skills as a photographer, but also requires a good deal of business smarts and acumen. For some, the stock photography market may offer many viable options; however, stock photography isn’t for everyone. If you find yourself longing for your images to hang from a collector’s walls or gracing a gallery hall, keep reading for a few tips on how you can break into the fine art marketplace.

General Business

5 Worthwhile Blogs on the Business of Professional Photography – There are a lot of free resources for established professional photographers or those hoping to get into the game that are both great and free. The trick is to constantly work at improving your knowledge and your business and professional photography blogs are a great way to keep up to date with that. Here are a few of our personal favourites.