32 Fun Outdoor Photographs of Bridges


Bridges can be a great subject to practice photographic composition as they lend themselves to shots with a vanishing point, leading the eye or even sometimes s-curves. These fun shots show what you can do if you move to get a better angle and maybe make use of a tripod in low-light.

unnamed file
Image by Eduardo M.
Image by paul bica
on golden pond
Image by Keven Law
scared of shanghai
Image by Jakob MontrasioFollow
gray and black buildings
Image by Alex Azabache
bilbo brilla
Image by Paula Rey
bridge over troubled water explore
Image by Bert Kaufmann
the commute
Image by Mike Behnken
bhumibol bridge bangkok
Image by Mike Behnken
firenze allo specchio
Image by Arianna Marchesani
multiple reflections at the singapore river
Image by William Cho
george washington span
Image by Eric E Yang
ronda nuevo bridge built in
Image by Andrew E. Larsen
firenze by me
Image by Angelo Amboldi
bridge of sighs venice italy
Image by Eustaquio Santimano
Image by Nicholas A. Tonelli
sunset at the rowing pond
Image by B K
the swan
Image by Maurice
Image by Luz Adriana Villa
magic garden
Image by Randy Robertson
artist under bridge
Image by Randy Robertson
into the fog
Image by jim crossley
riga bridge by twilight
Image by Ricardo Liberato
manhattan bridge hdr sml
Image by See-ming Lee
brooklyn bridge sunset hdr sml
Image by See-ming Lee
story bridge
Image by Ada Macey
sunset over the danube budapest
Image by B K
time lapse photo of vehicle on road during night
Image by Jiawei Wen
old lisbon bridge
Image by Francisco Antunes
Image by Peter PZ
angus l. macdonald bridge
Image by Dennis Jarvis
aerial view of city buildings and bridges
Image by Tom Fisk

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How are there none of one of THE most famous bridges in the world?! Here’s my contribution…with a fun twist!

Another great collection. I think my favourite is “Into the fog”.

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