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Earlier this year we were made aware of a new quarterly photography magazine out of Europe called c't Digital Photography. After taking a look at a few issues, we have to say that this new magazine has shot up our list of favourites and is now on our “must buy” list when we hit the news agent. Here's why you'll probably like it too.

For starters it is detail heavy. Every article is meticulously explained and has several examples and often explanatory diagrams of the more important aspects of the subject. In fact, the featured articles in each edition read more like a series of mini-guides. For example, in the most recent edition (number 5), there is an article on lens distortion along with 38 explanatory images, diagrams and tables spread across 21 pages of detailed content on that topic! The section on 3D shooting is 31 pages with almost 50 images and diagrams to demonstrate the information! These guys don't do their topics by halves.

The beauty of that approach is that even veteran shooters will probably learn something or at least be reminded of some important aspects of the particular subject being covered. These are photography articles for information junkies.

Why is c't Different?

And that's what sets this magazine apart from a lot of the other offerings in the crowded photography magazine space. While a lot of photography magazines emphasise flashy graphics and beautiful design (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), c't Photography emphasises hard core, actionable information about the technique and theory of various facets of photography. It has its fair share of great photography too.

In fact, the portfolio section of the magazine features an individual photographer and various examples of their work. While that's a great little addition to the magazine and nicely put together, it's really the articles where this magazine shines.

Each magazine that I have seen has also included a CD of interviews, software and plugins etc. Not uncommon among magazines in the photography space, but a nice touch nonetheless.

Reflecting the hardcore content focus of the magazine is the fact that it actually carries very little advertising. That means it's a bit more expensive than others, because the content is subsidised by subscriptions rather than ads.

Who Is This For?

To be honest, we think this magazine will suit hard core shooters who are looking to really understand the topics covered. These are as detail rich as we have seen in any magazine and give a very solid grounding. That being said, a lot of the meatier articles will probably be too specific or in depth for the general reader – for example, the 6 page explanation of bit depth in issue 5 along with 7 explanatory images is great for advanced amateurs and professionals, but probably of limited use to beginners.

For those who are generally interested in learning why their camera works the way it does as well as how to control and achieve certain outcomes with their photographs, this magazine is a very solid start.

Where Can You Find c't Digital Photography?


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