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The Canon 6D Mark II’s Reported Articulating Screen Has People Excited

If you haven't heard already, the folks at Canon Rumors have confirmed that Canon's next release of the 6D Mark II will have an articulating screen, specifically a Vari-Angle LCD. This means you'll be able to flip it out and change the angle up to 180 degrees (as opposed to just a simple flip out).

This is actually a pretty big thing for gear aficionados as this will be the first full frame Canon DSLR to have such a screen which opens up a lot of new possibilities in shooting. Other manufacturers such as Sony, Pentax and Nikon already have articulated screens on several models of full frame DSRLs, but on many of these the screen only rotates on one axis.

What's So Good About an Articulating Screen?

If you have ever shot with an articulating screen, you will know that this lends an element of diversity to your shooting angles that simply isn't possible with a fixed screen or a view finder. Shooting from the hip is much easier, as is practically any other angle.
For example, now you won't have to (necessarily) lie down on the ground to shoot from the ground. You will be able to shoot from above your head and actually see what you are shooting on the screen.

But Wait!

Of course, some people are not huge fans of this as it is also relatively easy to damage such a screen, and in real life when you're moving the camera around a lot and shooting from different angles, they are quite easy to knock and get caught up on things.

What Else?

The Mark II will reportedly be slightly larger than the 6D and will be announced in July for shipping in August. The whole thing is making people very excited over on Reddit and the Facebook page of the 6D MkII.

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