Canva Acquires Pro Editing Service Affinity


Canva is one of the major challenges out there to Adobe’s relative dominance in the commercial media advertising space and the competition just got a little bit more intense.

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Canvas with helping hands. Photo by Martí Alonso

Canva’s acquisition of Affinity, a professional photo editing platform, gives Canva users an even more complete portfolio of services when it comes to creating and editing media.

It also highlights how automated many of the tasks that used to be the purview of specialists in our field are becoming and this is aside from all the talk about AI.

From Affinity’s website:

“The acquisition significantly bolsters Canva’s vision to build the world’s most comprehensive suite of visual communication tools. While the last decade has seen rapid growth for Canva amongst the 99% of knowledge workers without design training, the integration of Affinity’s professional design software now unlocks the full spectrum of designers at every level and stage of the design journey.”

The purchase includes the entire Affinity portfolio including Designer, Photo, and Publisher. As Canva reiterates on the company website about the release, the goal with the addition of Affinity is to bring powerful photo editing tools that are incredibly intuitive and specifically tailored for Canva’s users who are looking for elegant solutions to media creation for advertising and social media.

No financials were disclosed around the deal although The Verge estimates that Affinity commanded a market price of hundreds of millions of British pounds. It’s likely money well spent, too, as Canva’s major competitive weak spot is the kind of editing you can do with Adobe’s platforms.

Do you use Canva? Let us know what you think about the company’s acquisition of Affinity in the comments below.

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