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Everyone Loves a Carnival: 13 Great Shots from Fairs

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Local fairs and carnivals present photographers with a fantastic opportunity to test their skills. The conditions are necessarily the easiest, but with some preparation, it can be well worthwhile to capture some of the amazing variations in light and movement that happen at fairs. Here is a collection of carnival photos that we really enjoyed. We hope you do too.

Feeling the Night Breeze

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Photo by Fensterbme

One cow, one ferris wheel

Photo by Kevindooley


Photo by Lynn

... swing into the sunset

Photo by SMCGee


Photo by Foreversouls


Photo by Bloomgal


Photo by Curtis Gregory Perry


Photo by Fensterbme

Get the Balance Right

Photo by Marquette La

Swingers of a Different Sort

Photo by DJOtaku

Spinning Wheel

Photo by Mr OutdoorGuy

Photo by Rachel A.K.


Photo by Three15Bowery

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