Still Life Photography in 5 Steps

If you’ve been participating in the Light Stalking forums lately, you will have probably also been following the rise in popularity of Mila Pinchev’s still live photographs. With her growing following clamouring for some tips, we were able to convince Mila to share some of her secrets with us. still life#21.jpg by VALERY on Light […]

How to Photograph Interiors Like a Pro

Interior photography isn’t just about capturing snapshots inside a building. It is more than that and requires careful planning. Photographing interiors is all about presenting the interior as welcoming as possible, that means keeping it warm and spacious and choosing the right angle for the photographs. Here are some tips that will help you in interior photography.

Getting Started With Table Top Photography: A First-Hand Experience

With a fairly simple setup to get started, table top photography opens up plenty of photographic possibilities. You don’t need a lot of investment in equipment to get going. While it can also be done as a DIY project, you can buy the required equipment like table and lighting fixtures to quickly dive into table top photography. This post will help you get started.