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Photographs of Centipedes to Make Your Skin Crawl

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Getting up close and personal with a centipede may not be many photographer's idea of a good time, but as this collection of photographs shows, it's can result in some great shots. These photographs of centipedes from around the world show what you can get when you're lucky enough to see one.

Centiform by Furryscaly, on Flickr

Centipede by tibchris, on Flickr
Centipede-6 by Jetportal, on Flickr
macro – cempes – centipede 1 by Noel Feans, on Flickr
Centipede – I guess 😛 by ind{yeah}, on Flickr
Scutigère véloce by JR Guillaumin, on Flickr
Portrait: centipede with an attitude by ◄M►, on Flickr
centipede by me and the sysop, on Flickr
Centipede close-up by quinet, on Flickr
Office wildlife by sylvar, on Flickr
Long-legged Centipede (Thereuopoda clunifera) by motnworb, on Flickr
Untitled by ecmorgan, on Flickr
legs by joe reicherts, on Flickr
Creepy and Large by harryalverson, on Flickr
Centipede Defense by bummy2810, on Flickr
Centipede in Borneo by, on Flickr
DSC00029 Diplopoda by Mick E. Talbot, on Flickr
20101009-LSC-0060 by Lance Cheung, on Flickr
Crazy Bug (House Centipede) by Sterlic, on Flickr
Small centipede by Unique Multiples, on Flickr
Centipede by ChodHound, on Flickr
house centipede by nancybeetoo, on Flickr
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