19 Inspiring Photos of Clouds


Any outdoor photographer knows that clouds can often add a lot of power to a photographic scene. Whether you're using the clouds as an addendum to another subject or specifically making them the center of interest, the ever-changing nature of them makes them something worth coming to grips with in your outdoor and landscape photos.

If you really want to hone down into using clouds and incorporating them into your photography, then we recommend you take a look at Kent Dufault's book on landscape photography. It will give you all of the essentials for taking photographs like these.

seashore under nimbus clouds
Photo by Andras Kovacs
landscape photography of a green field under a cloudy sky
Photo by NOAA
clouds above mountain
Photo by Martin Vysoudil
body of water under blue and white sky at golden hour
Photo by Andrew Seaman
lightning strike at night
Photo by Max LaRochelle

Photographs like these can be very powerful, but usually require a good grounding in landscape and outdoor photography. For that you should check out Kent DuFault's guide to the topic.

mountain during snow season covered with fog
Photo by Alain Rieder
black mountains under white clouds during daytime
Photo by NOAA
trees covered by fog
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel
white clouds and blue sky
Photo by Ingmar
landscape photo of waters, mountains, and black clouds
Photo by Michael Dam
clouds with thunder digital wallpaper
Photo by Felix Mittermeier
grayscale photography of cloud formations
Photo by Olivier de Sadeleer
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp
body of water under red and white clouds
Photo by Johannes Plenio
Photo by Nikolay Hristov
Photo by Nikolay Hristov
grey stormy sky
Photo by Nazar Sharafutdinov
landscape photo of body of water
Photo by Samuel Ferrara
city buildings under white clouds during daytime
Photo by Jelle de Gier
reflection of trees and clouds on water
Photo by James Wheeler

If you have any photographs of clouds of your own that you would like to share, be sure to leave a link in the comments!

If you would like to get a grounding in the photographic techniques for taking photos like these, then take a look at Kent DuFault's guide to landscape photography.

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A really great set of photos , I keep meaning to spend some time shooting the clouds this set just shows you what is up there 🙂

Thanks for posting

All of the cloud photos are fantastic images frozen in time by talented photographers. My favorite is the dramatic B&W by Olivier de Sadeleer. I am an amateur photographer, almost totally retired. I always look up when outside, this is the image I caught a few days ago. oops, I don’t see a place to leave my cloud image.

These photos are absolutely incredibly! Clouds are one of my favorite things to photograph, and while mine are nowhere near this good, I do have some that I am pretty proud of! Unfortunately I don’t have a website yet.

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