13 Examples of Concert Photography that Rock


The lighting conditions in most concert photography are among the most difficult you will ever have to shoot as a photographer. Low light with weird exposure challenges being thrown out by the stage setup in combination with moving subjects and the likelihood that you are standing among 3000 sweaty moshers is never going to be an ideal setup. We think these great examples of concert photography just about get it right. Don’t forget to check the links at the end of the collection to get more info on taking concert photographs like these.

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With all due respect, few if any of these look like they are truly difficult lighting conditions. I do a lot of concert photography in small clubs (jazz or indie stuff) where there are none of the fancy lighting we see on most of these pictures. It's tough when lighting conditions change all the time, but it's even tougher when you have constant low-light in a cramped environment.

Still, some of these are very nice, it's just that I'm realising as I go along that shooting big stages has some lighting benefits!

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