Dark and Gritty Portraits That Rock


Getting creative with portrait shots can be challenging. The idea of going dark and gritty in shooting and post processing however, can often add an element of drama to portraiture that is hard to equal. These shots have gone down that road with some great outcomes.

Self Portrait XIII_II_MMVI[/url] by andronicusmax[/url], on Flickr
Free Scared Child Alone in the Dark Creative Commons[/url] by Pink Sherbet Photography[/url], on Flickr
Brother[/url] by LINUZ90[/url], on Flickr
Remembrance[/url] by ac.tp02[/url], on Flickr
The Thriller[/url] by Artiom Ponkratenko[/url], on Flickr
Scary self-portrait[/url] by jelleprins[/url], on Flickr
kenny on bus II_MMV[/url] by andronicusmax[/url], on Flickr
awake in the dark but not the dark[/url] by goldsardine[/url], on Flickr
K[/url] by Astragony[/url], on Flickr
Taylor[/url] by seanmcgrath[/url], on Flickr
Clown[/url] by Alyssa L. Miller[/url], on Flickr
Manuel, sleeping[/url] by schani[/url], on Flickr
On the first day of May I took to the road[/url] by Sebastian Fritzon[/url], on Flickr
Dark attitude, color[/url] by Kr. B.[/url], on Flickr
Untitled[/url] by Έλενα Λαγαρία[/url], on Flickr
how dark how cold[/url] by Stuti ~[/url], on Flickr
Untitled[/url] by DerrickT[/url], on Flickr
dark hunter[/url] by wolfgangfoto[/url], on Flickr
FREE Scary Nightmare Horror Scream Girl Creative Commons[/url] by Pink Sherbet Photography[/url], on Flickr
smoking[/url] by A6U571N[/url], on Flickr
A Blank Stare[/url] by Danikapierce[/url], on Flickr
45/365: V[/url] by jin.thai[/url], on Flickr
bedevilled[/url] by Jesslee Cuizon[/url], on Flickr
SelfDestruction[/url] by Wiros[/url], on Flickr
The fox and the rabbit[/url] by Sebastian Fritzon[/url], on Flickr
The 23 Enigma[/url] by Lidal-K.[/url], on Flickr
self portrait 23[/url] by wolfgangfoto[/url], on Flickr

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