33 Marvellous Photos of Deer

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Wildlife photography can be difficult at the best of times, but when you're photographing an animal as skittish as a deer, it can turn very frustrating. We think this collection shows how deer photographs can turn out with a little luck and patience.

Winter Meal by Jan Tik, on Flickr
IMG_0379 by mike138

, on Flickr
Into the light.. by law_keven, on Flickr
deer by mike138, on Flickr
One day….all this WILL be mine… by law_keven, on Flickr
newborn fawn just 2 minutes after birth by slopjop, on Flickr
That's What I call Posing:-) by mysza831, on Flickr
Christmas is Coming… by law_keven, on Flickr
IMG_0093 by mike138, on Flickr
Thule Elk cry by tibchris, on Flickr
Deer in the mist 2 by James Jordan, on Flickr
Master of all he surveys… by law_keven, on Flickr
coming back to life by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³, on Flickr
Deer Oh Deer…. by law_keven, on Flickr
deer trio by Jeremiah John McBride, on Flickr
Happy New Year!!!! by Dawn Huczek, on Flickr
I Think He's Noticed Me by Furryscaly, on Flickr
graceful deer by Dawn Huczek, on Flickr
The First Rule of Fight Club … by Rob Gallop, on Flickr
If you come any closer your toast… by law_keven, on Flickr
The eye of the deer by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr
Bull elk losing it's velvet – Digitized Velvia Slide film by Alan Vernon., on Flickr
What you looking at by BG³Photo, on Flickr
Untitled by gibffe, on Flickr
Mother's Love by Koshyk, on Flickr
Running Buck by Space Ritual, on Flickr
Innocent (DSC0035) by Schristia, on Flickr
The boys are back in town.. by law_keven, on Flickr
The boys are back in town.. by law_keven, on Flickr
on the move by Dawn Huczek, on Flickr
IMG_0102 by mike138, on Flickr

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