21 Creepy and Disturbing Portraits


There are a lot of messed up photographers around… and we love it! When you set out to evoke an emotional response, nothing quite does it like a scary portrait. A good shot followed up with some creative post-production and you can scare us too! These portraits will send shivers up your spine.

Photo by Oscar Keys

Photo by Michelle Jones UK

This Is Who We Are

Photo by Atiqah Aekman W.

Zombie Walk (085) - 31Oct09, Paris (France)

Photo by philippe leroyer

Photo by practicalowl


Photo by Scarlet Lark

Photo by Michelle Jones UK

91/365 - something's a-lurking.

Photo by B Rosen

Photo by Chris Stickley

Photo by Camila Quintero Franco

Photo by las (used to be meeza 1)

Day 5/365 - Night Terrors

Photo by Tom Lin :3=

Inside Out II

Photo by JaPaMaNa


Photo by st4rbucks

Photo by Sep

HF: The Exorcist

Photo by Lil Larkie

Zombie Girl

Photo by KayVee.INC

Photo by Alex Iby


Photo by movimente

happy halloween

Photo by katiew

Photo by Manuel Meurisse

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The eyes are the window to the soul… We photogs only bring a little
light and composition to the table. Our subjects
bring the rest…

Wow, when I saw the links in my stats page in flickr I just had to click through, I’m honoured that you have used my photos in this! It’s a great collection. Great work, thank you!

These are cool, it’s great to be featured on here great use off CC even if I do say so myself lol!

Interestingly obscure way of veiwing objects.Hanen’t seen stuff like that, since 1968, in San Francisco. Thanx

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